Consider becoming a donor

Published 9:57 am Friday, November 20, 2015

One of the most amazing things about the human body is that many parts of it can be donated to help someone else.

From things that regenerate — like hair, blood and bone marrow — to things that don’t — like kidneys — many people each year choose to give up part of themselves, literally, to help someone else.

Donating hair for wigs for people suffering from either temporary or permanent hair loss is perhaps the easiest way of donating part of one’s body. Donating blood is also easy and (mostly) pain-free.

But some people choose to go a step further and register to possibly become a bone marrow donor.

The process of registering is the easy part — it involves nothing more than a cheek swab and getting some personal and medical information. Perhaps the most difficult part will be making the commitment to at least seriously consider donating if you’re ever called upon.

In the unlikely event you’re ever called upon — your chances of winning at least a break-even prize on a lottery scratch-off ticket are better — the donation process is fairly simple. For some, it involves a brief surgical procedure that often doesn’t even involve an overnight hospital stay. For others, it’s as easy as giving blood, although it takes several hours and requires five injections throughout the week prior to the procedure.

If you think becoming a donor is something to which you could commit, we encourage you to do so. All are welcome, but there is a particular need for donors who are back or of other diverse backgrounds.

It will cost you a few hours of your time, but it could save someone else’s life.