Land transfers

Published 11:58 am Friday, November 13, 2015


Brian K. Cutchins to James R. Council, 172 Covey Circle, Franklin, $190,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Charles E. and Carolyn L. Hicks, 67 Crescent Drive, Franklin, $114,025.

Jean D. Clark to Carl V. Clark, 708 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $0.

Eitel Family Trust to Pat T. and Okpun W. Langley, 112 Pine Avenue, Franklin, $215,000.

David E. Wright to Curtis Edwards Lilley, 309 Carrie Drive, Franklin, $55,000.

Barry Hathaway to Southampton Franklin Habitat for Humanity, P.O. Box 81, Franklin, $0.

Larry D. and Elaine P. Wilkerson to Ike Turner, 36420 Seacock Chapel Road, Zuni, $5,000.

Samuel Albert and Trish Brown to William C. Taylor, 112 Gillette Court, Franklin, $270,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert and Constance Pennington, 22194 Thomas Woods Trail, Zuni, $13,550.

Daren M. and Ashlie N. Pait to Robert D. and Keri M. Dodd, 6 Ridge Road, Franklin, $285,000.

James R. and Judith D. Council to Susan Gray, 33398 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, $125,000.

Susan G. and John M. Holland to Catherine T. and James W. Hart, 24576 Delaware Road, Courtland, $248,500.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to James Abate Jr., 18591 Black Creek Road, Franklin, $445,000.

Silver Spurs Investments LLC to Rita A. Zukauskas, 22150 Deer Lane, Franklin, $127,000.

R. Parson LLC to James R. Warren Jr., 16087 Drake Road, Sedley, $264,000.

Mark T. and Margaret F. Phillips to Ernest Lee and Braid K. Parsons, 23152 Scottswood Drive, Franklin, $233,000.

Clyde R. Alderman to Donnie T. Adkins, 2294 Jill Circle, Courtland, $132,300.

Clarence P. and Janice N. Griffith to Steven R. and Dover Whipple, 29439 Hunter’s Point Road, Courtland, $212,010.

Lloyd Calvin and Shirley Murphy to Shirley Ann Murphy, 421 Pine Street, Franklin, $0.

Sharon Whitely Snook to D&J Brothers LLC, 26293 Tyler Circle, Courtland, $63,000.

Jeremy and Jessica Edsall to Jessica Edsall, 17437 Johnson’s Mill Road, Sedley, $0.

William M. Flythe to David J. Fowler and Sons Inc, 14250 Plank Road, Courtland, $6,000.

Olga L. Lopez to Mary A. Rawls, 22436 Linden Street, Courtland, $167,000.

Vernell J. Riddick to Horance Riddick, P.O. Box 834, Franklin, $0.

William M. Flythe to TBT1969 LLC, P.O. Box 127, Courtland, $5,000.

Oreta Kate Richardson to James E. and Eileen T. Ritter, 23230 Shands Drive, Courtland, $30,000.

Michael Mahanes to Michael John Alexander, 502 Ingelside Avenue, Emporia, $6,500.

Robert F. Kello to Charles James Arrington, P.O. Box 11, Capron, $203,000.

Tracey D. Murphy to Delphine E. Murphy, 34322 Burnt Reed Road, Boykins, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Travis Will Evans, 112 Holly Cove Street, Franklin, $67,250.

Timothy M. and Mary M. Futrell to Adam E. and Stephanie N. Whitehead, 26086 Trinity Church Road, Courtland, $398,000.

Cynthia G. Turner to Flat Swamp Farms LLC, 14045 Waller Road, Branchville, $0.

David Brown to BW&T Property LLC, 313 Roosevelt Avenue, Lot A, Franklin, $0.

David Brown to Darlene H. Brown, 313 Roosevelt Avenue, Lot B, Franklin, $0.

Franklin S. and Branda H. Spence to Brenda H. Spence, 3395 Southampton Parkway, Emporia, $0.

Daniel Daugherty to Patrick G. Dalton, 7361 Sadler Road, Wakefield, $173,000.

Bernice Carr Wilson to Wayne L. Carr, 22256 Woods Trail, Franklin, $0.

Samuel I. White to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 210 Franklin Road, Roanoke, $85,050.

John J. and Ima M. Liesfled to Evelyn L. and William L. Reid Jr., 7316 Holloman Drive, Ivor, $0.

John W. Rakes to Evelyn L. and William L. Reid, 7316 Holloman Drive, Ivor, $0.

Wilson Wanamaker to Evelyn L. and William L. Reid, 7316 Holloman Drive, Ivor, $0.

Heklen H. Foreman to Evelyn L. and William L. Reid, 7316 Holloman Drive, Ivor, $0.

Karen and William K. Blythe Jr. to Karen J. Blythe, 21446 Hill Point Drive, Franklin, $0.

Dana and Robert E. Carr to Robert Miles Carr, 26287 No Head Lane, Franklin, $250,000.

Patricia A. Snith to Robert E. and Dana A. Carr, 23127 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $190,000.

Aldon A. Turner to David J. Power, P.O. Box 132, Ivor, $27,000.

Laurie K. Phipps to Laurie K. and David A. Phipps, 27549 Grays Shops, $0.

A. Sidney and Linda T. Turner to A. Sidney Turner, 6618 Glen Ridge Court, Midlothian, $0.

Sharon E. and Laura L. Reese to William S. and Crystal Wasdin, 26254 Corss Keys Road, Courtland, $260,000.

Diane Artis to Diane N. Artis, 31218 Cherokee Drive, Franklin, $0.

Barn Tavern LLC to Morris W. Conaway, P.O. Box 31, Courtland, $20,000.

Debra Lynne Hawkins to Hawks Properties LLC, 405 Vaughans Lane, Franklin, $0.

Benjamin S. and Darby Fitzgerald to Rolando Rojas, 26105 Guy Place, Courtland, $191,875.

John C. Hopkins to Esther Wiggins, 21463 Sedley Road, $258,000.

Evelyn M. Biernot to Charles R Biernot, 4800 Sunray Avenue, Chesapeake, $40,875.

United States of America to Michael J. and Mary L. Alexander, 27536 Meherrin Road, Boykins, $38,500.

Jean A. Baker to Jean A. Barker, 26473 Pinehaven Road, Courtland, $0.