Isle of Wight is fortunate to have Georgette Phillips

Published 12:14 pm Wednesday, October 21, 2015

To the Editor:

I’ve been a court report in the Fifth Judicial Circuit, which includes Isle of Wight, for more years than I care to mention in such a public forum. But, suffice it to say that I’ve spent more hours in Isle of Wight Circuit Court than most judges and attorneys. And over the years, I have had the privilege to see some excellent attorneys try cases and the misfortune to hear some not so excellent attorneys.

I have always been impressed by Georgette Phillips and the professionalism that she brings to the courtroom. She is smart, she is prepared, she is passionate about the work that she does and it shows. I have no doubt that she is doing what she was meant to do and the Isle of Wight is fortunate to have her.

On a daily basis, I am in courts in Isle of Wight, Suffolk and Southampton. I have observed countless prosecutors try cases and I know what it takes to effectively do so, and Georgette Phillips has what it takes. Perhaps the best way to put it is this: I see her abilities in court every week, I live in Isle of Wight County and on Nov. 3, I will cast my vote for Georgette Phillips.

Susan E. Goodwin