Former officer endorses Georgette Phillips for Commonwealth’s Attorney

Published 1:45 pm Friday, October 16, 2015

To the Editor:

Now retired, I served my final years in law enforcement as captain of Investigations on Sheriff Mark Marshall’s team in Isle of Wight. Simultaneously, I had the honor of working with Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Georgette Phillips on a multitude of criminal cases. I’ve seen her dedication and talent first hand.

Phillips does not confine herself to the comfort and security of an office. She is a hands-on prosecutor. The middle of her day, the middle of the night; it doesn’t matter. I’ve stood with her at all hours on the scene of the most conscious shocking crimes this county has ever encountered. She takes a proactive role in the investigation, all the while expertly advising our investigators when technical legal questions arise.

Phillips’ devotion is equally seen in her fervent attention to the needs, fears and rights of crime victims and their families. She doesn’t forget an already injured victim can be further traumatized by a complex, often confusing justice system.

We can’t replace 14 years of experience and service already devoted to Isle of Wight. We can’t replace the professional, highly functional relationships already fostered with the Sheriff’s Office, Smithfield, Windsor, State Police and our Federal partners. Sometimes change is needed. This is not one of those times. I am confidently voting Georgette Phillips for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Rick Gaddis