Downtown Franklin scarecrow contest is a success

Published 11:58 am Friday, October 9, 2015

The light poles in downtown Franklin look different this fall season — the majority of them are decorated with scarecrows.

The Downtown Franklin Divas and Dudes created a contest that asked them – if they wanted to participate in it — to decorate a light pole that looked like a scarecrow. The scarecrow had to have the businesses name on it and represent the business in some way. Whoever was chosen as the winner would receive an article about their business in The Tidewater News.

These scarecrows were created the week leading up to when the Fall Festival was supposed to take place, with hopes of having a larger audience see all the decorations. But due to the weather last weekend, the festival has been postponed to Nov. 13 and 14.

The participants of the contest were Fred’s Restaurant; Burgess & Co.; Mr. D’s Southern Kitchen; Anita’s Alterations; The Cat’s Meow; Alphabet Soup; A+ Pack and Ship; Mackans Office Supply and Printing; Moore’s Embroidery and Design; Kingdom Kuts Salon; Jane’s Sweet Potato Biscuits; Kilby’s Florist; and Smith Jewelers.

The Key Club at Southampton High School was chosen to be the judge, and was given free rein on how they wanted to pick the winner. Mackans Office Supply and Printing came in first place, Kilby’s Florist came in second and Moore’s Embroidery and Design and Jane’s Sweet Potato Biscuits tied for third.

“We are absolutely ecstatic. We had no idea we would win. There were so many original ideas. I personally thought The Cat’s Meow or Kingdom Kuts would win,” Mary Christie Morris from Mackans Office Supply and Printing said, “but I think everyone did an awesome job.”

Mackans decorated its light pole with a scarecrow sitting on a bench right in front. They posted a sign on it that said, “Take a selfie with Farmer Mack.”

Their scarecrow actually has its own contest. If you take a selfie with it, they want you to post that picture to their Facebook page. Whoever receives the most likes on their selfie will win a free selfie stick. Their contest lasts until the end of October.

The Divas and Dudes are thrilled with the participation of the event in all. They said it really showed downtown Franklin coming together as a whole. This was a new event for the downtown area and they are all really proud with the success.

All of downtown Franklin is encouraging everyone to look at the scarecrows if you haven’t yet and tell the business owners what you think of them. They will be out until the end of October. The hope of this event is that it becomes annual and that next year every light pole will be decorated.