Land transfers

Published 10:56 am Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Johnnie Cheek Ferguson to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, 30112 Nottoway Lane, Franklin, $70,000.

Kay Ellen Drumheller to Garland R. Cannon, 117 Brandon Lane, Franklin, $145,000.

Charles G. Gatten to Donald C. McClain, 240 Southampton Road, Franklin, $230,000.

Horace Leon Pierce to Ashley M. Murphy, 108 Magnolia Avenue, Franklin, $118,500.

Mary P. Green to Daniel G. Poe, 415 Pine Street, Franklin, $65,000.

Janice M. Spangeburg to Robin L. Gregg, 1316 Clay Street, Franklin, $280,000.

Jefferson A. and Nancy M. Stevens to Jeffrey F. and Eli N. Poplin, 14 Ridge Road, Franklin, $260,000.

Hannah Toler Lupton to Antonio D. and Shaunqeiter Person, 105 North Drive, Franklin, $157,000.

Gerald E. Whitley to Carl D. Emmons, 136 Queens Lane, Franklin, $300,000.

Milton N. Buck to Rosette F. Buck, 208 Roosevelt Street, Franklin, $0.

Judy Gertrude Jones Dunlow to Thomas K. Fink, 3601 Whitehouse Road, Colonial Heights, $24,000.

City of Franklin to Union Street Properties, 500 N. Mechanic Street, Franklin, $40,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Citifinancial Inc., 614 Laurel Street, Franklin, $30,458.51.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Kelly Leggett Bowers, 101 Southampton Road, Franklin, $37,500.

Monojkumar M. Desai to Courtland Inn Inc, 23615 Jerusalem Road, Courtland, $0.

Courtland Inn Inc. to Courtland Hospitality LLC, 23615 Jerusalem Road, Courtland, $300,000.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Blackwater Investment Group LLC, 26461 Pine Haven, $70,000.

Pittman Road LLC to H&A Development Associates, 1874 Cherry Grove Road, Suffolk, $74,721.89.

Benjamin S. Blythe and Julia L. Blythe, 26386 Drewry Road, Drewryville, $0.

Johnny L. and Jane E. Scott to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 34394 Bowers Road, $0.

Raymond E. and Mildred B. Drake to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Cypress Bridge Road, $0.

John R. Marks to Paul C. Davidson, 209 Meadow Lane, Franklin, $0.

Paul C. Davidson to Maynard Grizzard, 12819 Crowe Loop, Midlothian, $160,000.

James J. Reid to Ronald Mark Schnur, 28455 Mill Path, Franklin, $16,500.

James J. Reid to Ronald Andrew Johnson, 2315 Lincoln Street, Portsmouth, $8,500.

James J. Reid to Martinette Properties LLC, 27053 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $2,200.

Michael J. Amendolare to Marie A. Hedgepeth, 22371 Linden Street, Courtland, $143,500.

U.S. Bank to James R. Cobb, 8135 West Blackwater Road, Windsor, $68,000.

Arthur Lee Pope Jr. to Deborah Ann Baines, P.O. Box 187, Capron, $0.

Donnie W. Baines Sr. to Donnie W. Baines Jr., P.O. Box 187, Capron, $0.

Bank of New York Mellon to Reva M. Santiago, 7322 Sadler Road, $145,000.

Richard W. Jones III to Timothy F. and Louis S. Dixon, 16489 Black Creek Road, Franklin, $195,000.

William R. and Kristen T. Lamm to Stephen M. Flournoy, 18114 Darden Scout Road, Courtland, $219,000.

William R. and Betty J. Gray to Blake C. Sheppard, 2307 Snead Fairway, Portsmouth, $15,000.

Betty Jane Barham to Ira Thomas Barham, P.O. Box 218, Capron, $0.

Sandra E. Rountree to Brian P. Rountree, 29140 Cypress Bridge Road, Newsoms, $0.

Thomas L. Rollins to Audrey M. Jones, 1704 Sizer Road, Richmond, $0.

Gillette Farms LLC to William Chappell Gillette, 17375 Old Belfield Road, Capron, $0.

Teresa L. Gaskins to Wilmington Savings Fund, 33347 Edgehill Drive, $154,172.01.

Melissa Griffin Hatfield to Martha J. Woodley, 18194 Railroad Avenue, Boykins, $104,000.

Samuel I. White to Wells Fargo Bank, 28209 Pretlow Road, $27,840.

Lavon Lashley to Jessie Lee Lashley, 17002 Pittman Road, Boykins, $0.

Thomas L. Goodwyn to April Williams, 18288 Southampton Parkway, $8,000.

Charles D. Felts to Shiloh Baptist Church, P.O. Box 40, Boykins, $15,000.

Christopher Eure to Otis C. Pearson, 32415 Rochelle Swamp Road, Newsoms, $0.

Christopher David Straight to June A. Reid, 23260 Jay Street, Franklin, $0.

Michael R. and Brenda L. Davis to Christopher C. and Kristen N. Smith, 29070 Sunbeam Road, Franklin, $265,000.

Jerry W. and Stanley C. Mattox to Three Creeks Farm Inc., Old Belfield Road, Drewryville, $17,000.

Dwayne Young to Dwayne Young Jr., 18220 Fourth Street, Sedley, $0.

Charles S. and Garnett N. Montagna to Adieu LLC, 5740 Shenandoah Avenue, Norfolk, $0.

Town of Boykins to Linwood A. Jarrett, 18060 Virginia Avenue, Boykins, $0.

Richard Gravely to Ralph Vencill, 340251 Sunbeam Road, Franklin, $0.

Carol D. and Joyce E. Emerson to Alonzo and Virginia Woodard, 13441 Courthouse Highway, Smithfield, $5,400.

Betty Jean Gary to Bryan J. Gary, 14423 Old Joyner Lane, Capron, $200,000.

Citizens National Bank to Michael C. Everitt, 21246 Dixie Farm, Franklin, $119,000.

Homezelle B. Chambers to Homezelle B. and Wanda Chambers, 142 Lighthouse Drive, Portsmouth, $0.

Robert J. Brown to Eldridge Lewis Brown Sr.. 801 Chestnut Street, Franklin, $0.

Thomas H. Bain to Andrew Duncan Bain, 14269 Pinopolis Road, Boykins, $0.

Equity Trustees LLC to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 28562 Pulley Drive, Franklin, $117,450.

Evans and Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 28298 Pretlow Road, Franklin, $123,137.83.

Michael Shane Wells to Joy Davine Turner, 1500 Castle Way, Portsmouth, $5,000.

Stephen T. Pittman to Kathy Sue Atkins Moore, 8371 Bell Avenue, Ivor, $100,000.

Julia L. Blythe to Eric Thomas Applewhite, 31207 Sands Road, Newsoms, $100,000.

Elizabeth Cobb Holliday to Camden S. Cobb, 14091 Davis Lane, Branchville, $0.