Artists invited to set up downtown

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Franklin Downtown Divas and Dudes will be hosting an event suitable for all ages called “Fall in Love with the Arts,” on Saturday, Oct. 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Their vision for the event is to have artists of all styles set up on the sidewalks of downtown Franklin showing off, selling or creating their art.

The types of artists they are looking for are painters, sculptors, metal workers, musicians and others along those lines. However, they are not looking for crafters such as jewelry making and crocheting.

If you are interested in participating in this event, you are asked to submit your artwork to for approval and to receive a location on the sidewalk. The sidewalk spaces are on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must have you artwork and/or ideas submitted by Friday, Oct. 16.

This is just one of the many events in that the Franklin Downtown Divas and Dudes, a group of retail merchants who want to bring events to the downtown area to help encourage people to shop in small businesses, will be hosting in the coming weeks.

One of the group’s main goals is to try and raise awareness to the importance of shopping in small businesses.

“According to statistics, if every family spent an extra $10 a month at a locally owned business throughout the country instead of a national chain, then $9.3 billion will be returned to our economy,” said Mary Christy Morris, a member of the Divas and Dudes.

The Divas and Dudes understand that buying online is convenient; however, they want the community to know that when you shop online or at a national chain store you are actually costing your local economy money. The results can be seen in the pay raises people do not receive.

“A small family-owned business not only brings 100 percent of its earnings back into the community, but collectively they also are the companies that provide the majority of jobs throughout the area,” Morris continued. “If your local businesses shut their doors and move away to open up in another town or city, then you will see an increase in taxes to those left in the area.”

The Franklin Divas and Dudes would eventually like to make downtown Franklin a destination area. They work closely with the Franklin Downtown Association, Franklin Southampton Economic Development Inc. and Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce, to host events that will help bring more businesses to the small town shops.

Anyone can be a part of the Divas and Dudes. They are always looking for more members and for more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a member or volunteering for an event, please contact Mary Christy Morris at 562-2959 or Debbie Crowder at 304-5034.