Creating a framework for excellence

Published 11:44 am Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First, I would like to say “thank you” to students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, school board, community members and partners for ensuring that Franklin City Public Schools was off to a great start this school year. We have had a spectacular few weeks of school and all are commended for your efforts. Through constant visitation and observations of the instructional and extra-curricular day, students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents and community are excited about securing higher accomplishments than last year. As a team, we must continue to tirelessly work to ensure that our students are exposed to both rich and diverse learning activities that will perpetuate and capitalize on strong foundational skills needed to be successful in an ever-changing global society.

Throughout last school year and the present, we see the capability of FCPS becoming one of the best educational institutions in the state and nation. The gains that we saw are as follows:

S.P. Morton Elementary

Reading – 39 to 68 (29 percent gain) Math – 41 to 73 (32 percent gain) History – 85 to 95 (10 percent gain) Science – 30 to 63 (33 percent gain)

Joseph P. King Middle

Reading – 69 to 74 (5 percent gain)

Math – 64 to 79 (15 percent gain)

History – 68 to 95 (27 percent gain)

Science – 57 to 79 (22 percent gain)

Franklin High

Reading – 73 to 77 (4 percent gain)

Math – 73 percent (No gain)

History – 84 percent (No gain)

Science – 81 to 87 percent (6 percent gain)

Graduation Completion Index (High School Only) – 85 to 88 (3 percent gain)

Together as a school community, we must remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence by ensuring every student is college, career (employed or self-employed) and citizen ready. Collaboratively, we must provide opportunities of ensuring our students are equipped with those soft and power skills, digital aptitudes and internships needed to secure success for themselves and their families.

Additionally, I am overjoyed with the collaborative efforts of community members and school staff on creating a three-year strategic plan; Framework for Excellence 3.0. This roadmap provides direction for our school system as we strategically and intentionally dedicate ourselves to the delivery of excellence.

Staying focused on our initiatives and working to achieve our mission is always our deliberate endeavor. The collaboration of these efforts began in the fall of 2014 and continued through the end of spring 2015 to identify core values, beliefs, priorities, essential actions and indicators for success as it pertains to moving our school system and community forward.

As I close, “Greatness is the rightful destiny of every person. Yet, most of our society never experiences this extraordinary level of achievement. It is ironic that the climate for excellence is available, but many do not recognize the opportunities that are bountiful in life. Great men and women know the secret of greatness, for it is universal. Sincere effort, a humble heart, and the desire to improve others, can raise the station of an ordinary individual to one of extraordinary achievement.” — Eunice Dudley, co-founder of Dudley Products.

Franklin City Public Schools, let’s continue to pursue every avenue of greatness.

Dr. Willie J. Bell Jr. is the division superintendent of Franklin City Public Schools.