Operation Bullseye reveals larger issue

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The investigation and successful capture of many suspects during the recent drug sting by Isle of Wight law enforcement was certainly good news. Naturally, all law enforcement personnel involved in Operation Bullseye deserve thanks for diligent work on their part. We are hopeful that has a direct and positive effect for the county in that an identified source of drug distribution has been severely disrupted … for now.

Like the many-headed Hydra of Greek mythology, there will be people all too ready to spring up and continue their corrupting trade. So the struggle of the law versus criminal activity continues.

But as Sheriff Mark Marshall pointed out, the suspected criminal activity showed that the trade was not focused in one place, but throughout the county. That’s disconcerting, to say the least. It says that there are far too many people in Isle of Wight willing to buy, sell and use heroin and cocaine.

As we reported this past weekend, though, the county Crime Line offers a new way for law-abiding residents to anonymously and securely report suspected activity or people. Sure, there’s the 1-800-LOCK-U-UP, but for the tech-savvy, there’s also the texting option via TipSubmit that lets them alert authorities with even greater ease.

We can’t all be deputies, detectives or policemen, but we can all do our part to fight back against crime.