Message from the Superintendent

Published 12:26 pm Saturday, September 5, 2015

Editor’s note: The following is the school superintendent’s letter, which can also be found on the division’s website,

Dear Isle of Wight County Schools Teachers, Staff and Families:

I am excited to join a school division that has already successfully demonstrated progression in public education. As superintendent, I look forward to reaching new levels of academic achievement by building on excellence, for every child, every day. To reach new heights, I recognize that innovation and creativity must be the hallmarks of our school division. I envision a future where Isle of Wight County Schools will be revered as the PREMIER school division in Virginia and beyond.

As we continue working to achieve educational success for all of our students, I want to expand upon the existing culture of excellence to cultivate the mindset that we are all part of one team that holds the best interest of our children as the number one priority. We are rounding out our division leadership team with individuals who are committed to providing a 21st century education centered on rigor and transformative learning. IWCS is also fortunate to have talented, dedicated teachers and staff across our school division that embody the spirit of this mission.

The success of our school division is not only dependent upon our employees, but is also greatly impacted by active involvement from parents and support from the community. Over the next several months, I will be getting to know each of you while identifying areas of opportunity for advancement. My goal is to engage all of our stakeholders in a meaningful way to ensure consistency and efficiency in how we support the instructional needs of our students. Our partnership with each one of you is critical to the future of this school division. If our students thrive, the community will flourish and together we can make that happen.

I will be visible and accessible through out the school division, so please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, comments or concerns. If there’s something on your mind…Let’s Talk! It is my honor to serve as superintendent and I look forward to the new school year ahead!

Dr. Jim Thornton,
Division Superintendent
Every Child, Every Day.