Questioning Stephenson’s honesty

Published 11:09 am Saturday, August 29, 2015

To the Editor:

I have been following the local Sheriff’s race on social media as well as in the local paper, which leads me to ask a few questions. Mr. Stephenson states that he has a background in finance. If so, then how can he continue to work and collect disability for almost a year and claim not to know about it, or not to know exactly how much he had to reimburse the state? Did he pay the funds back in a lump sum payment or did he make monthly installment payments? How was he able to run a financial firm for all those years while collecting full disability? I also observed that he has published the wrong budget numbers accusing the current Sheriff of overspending his budget by almost a million dollars, only to find out that Mr. Stephenson’s figures are erroneous.

According to county staff, over $75,000 has been returned to the county budget the past three years. Mr. Stephenson keeps having to check his numbers.

I would also like Mr. Stephenson to answer why he no longer works for the Sheriff’s Office. As a potential elected official I believe he should come clean with these issues. I’m retired military and reside in the Carrollton area. I say “if it’s not broke, then don’t try to fix it.” I see a deputy patrolling in front of my home daily.

While I have only lived here for two year, I feel safe in my neighborhood and I’m proud to call Carrollton my home.

Re-elect Sheriff Marshall.

Tom White