Former officer commends sheriff

Published 11:10 am Saturday, August 29, 2015

To the Editor:

After 30 years in police work, I retired this past December. I am honored to have served my final post as Captain of Investigations on Sheriff Mark Marshall’s team. From day one, I saw Sheriff Marshall assume command of a broken department crippled by antiquated equipment, dilapidated vehicles, and devoid of modern polices or standards. But before the end of the Sheriff’s first term, I witnessed an astonishing transformation.

Equipment was updated, unsafe vehicles were replaced, modern policies were implemented, cooperative relations with local, state and federal agencies were anchored, open communication with the media was established and a team approach with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office was made standard. Very importantly; the office was awarded Accreditation, an exhaustive path in which the agency was systematically evaluated against an extensive set of nationally accepted standards.

Moreover, I witnessed Sheriff Marshall’s commitment. I stood with him on crime scenes at all hours of the day and night. I patrolled the halls of our elementary schools by his side. His rare vacation seemed nothing more than a work day via iPhone. He kept aware of all community needs, large and small, all the while handling complex, frustrating fiscal matters. I wonder when he sleeps.

Ten members of my family (ages 4 to 82) live in IoW. I trust Sheriff Marshall with their safety. I believe there is no question.

Re-elect Sheriff Mark Marshall.

Rick Gaddis,