Who will help me bake this bread?

Published 10:53 am Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Following this month’s Southampton County Board of Supervisors meeting, we were reminded of the story of “The Little Red Hen,” a children’s book about a hen who asks her fellow barnyard animals if they will help her make a loaf of bread.

“Who will help me plant my wheat,” she asked.

“Not I,” barked the lazy dog.

“Not I,” purred the sleepy cat, and so on.

The hen repeats the process when it’s time to harvest and bake the bread, but ultimately receives no help. Whens she finally sits down to enjoy the bread she worked so hard to prepare, the rest of the barnyard animals showed up in hopes that she’d share.

Southampton County resident John Ricks plays the hen in this analogy, and just as he said he would in July, he returned to the board of supervisors meeting to plead his case as to why the name of Blackhead Signpost Road should be changed.

Ricks has done all the leg work, walking from door to door along the six-mile road, hoping to convince each property owner of his cause. Signatures in hand, he also said he’s willing to pay the $500 filing fee that’s associated with any renaming or rezoning matter because “it’s the right thing to do.”

But noticeably absent from the meeting were the hundreds of people who have voiced their opinions on our website and on social media. In front of the only audience that matters, Ricks stood there alone.

He’ll more than likely show up to discuss the matter again next month, just as he said his military training has taught him to, but it’s not his battle to fight alone.

If you wouldn’t sit back and watch the hen bake the bread and expect to eat when it’s finished, don’t sit idly by while Ricks attempts to get the name of a possibly offensive road changed and then celebrate if he’s successful. If you feel strongly about the issue, don’t preach to the choir of your Facebook friends. Voice your opinion to those who actually have a say in the matter.