Zuni resident supports sheriff’s return to office

Published 11:52 am Friday, August 21, 2015

To the Editor:

Mark Marshall was elected sheriff of Isle of Wight County in Nov. 2011. He actually took office Jan. 1, 2012. Mark’s law enforcement experience spans 30-plus years working for state and local agencies. Prior to being elected sheriff, Mark served 19 years as chief of police in Smithfield. He has a master’s degree, is a graduate of the FBI’s National Academy and has completed numerous training courses relative to the administration, budgeting and management of a policing agency.

Mark’s association with the National Academy alumni, member and past officer of the International Association of Chief of Police, Special Olympics and numerous state and local law enforcement committees allows him to network across the states and around the globe. No agency can be successful without these valuable contacts, given the nature of crime and terrorism in today’s world.

Mark fulfilled and exceeded his pre-election promises. He has completed state accreditation. He has vastly improved the ability of his staff through education. He has significantly unproved the safety and morale by upgrading the quantity and quality of vehicles and equipment for his department.

Mark’s opponent boasts of 23 years law enforcement experience; however, he was on state disability for 13 years, which actually adds up to just 10 years experience.

This opponent is sincere. However, after reviewing his Facebook materials, he has little comprehension as to the current responsibility and knowledge necessary to supervise and manage a law enforcement agency in today’s world.

Among other weaknesses in his material, he has stated that Mark is $936,000 over budget in the past three years. I spent several hours at the courthouse reviewing county budget and audit reports and also addressed this issue with county employees associated with budgeting and audit.

None could support this opponent’s claim of the over-budget figure. In fact, the reports did support that Mark has returned $77,723 to the county in unspent funds.

Re-elect Mark Marshall. He has the education, training, experience and worldwide network to assure four more years of competent, progressive law enforcement.

Pete Greene