Recreational Trail Grant Resolution approved with contingency for public hearing at next meeting

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At the city council meeting on Monday night, a Recreational Trail Grant Resolution was presented and approved with the contingency to have a public hearing at the next meeting.

The city staff prepared a grant application to the State’s Recreational Trails Program.

“The application contemplates requesting federal grant funds through the state to construct a walking trail on property located adjacent to the bridge crossing the Blackwater River from Isle of Wight County,” City Manager Randy Martin said in his letter to the mayor and other city council members.

He explained that the site is located in the floodway, and if approved, this grant would provide funding to improve it with a trail, landscaping, a parking area and stormwater runoff mitigation.

“If grant funding is approved, staff has identified resources within the city’s budget combined with eligible in-kind city staff and volunteer resources and activities sufficient to complete the required local commitment to match the grant,” Martin continued. “The requested grant funding is proposed to be $234,160. The City’s 20 percent share of the total project budget including in-kind is $58,540. The combined total project budget is $292,700.”

The council held an unscheduled public hearing after this information was stated.

Executive Director of the Downtown Franklin Association Dan Howe stood up to say “This is a very positive move to enhance that gateway coming into our city. You have my encouragement.”

The City will not find out if the grant has been approved until after the first of the year. If the grant is funded, this project would not be completed until 2017.