Land transfers

Published 9:02 am Wednesday, August 5, 2015


JULY 1-30


Donald M. Brown to Robert Aaron Morgan, 214 North Drive, Franklin, $144,000.

Maurice C. and Brenda W. Dodson to Eric J. and Charline M. Carter, $250,000.

Rosewell Corporation to Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads, 228 North Lynnhaven Road, Virginia Beach, $0.

Rosewell Homes Inc. to Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads, 900 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, $0.

Essie Candice Hudgins Payne to David S. and Patricia J. Dillon, 724 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $55,000.

Lions Club of Franklin Inc. to Harvest Christian Fellowship, 429 Crescent Drive, Franklin, $79,500.

Rosa and William T. Riddick Jr. to Johnnie W. Jackson, 28387 Monroe Road, Franklin, $0.

Joyce H. and Paul E. Kaplan to Burnis M. Sickleton, 2291 Southampton Parkway, Emporia, $350,000.

George and Lillian Hope Eure to Charles David and Holly E. Boyce, 1613 Holland Corner Road, Suffolk, $0.

Audrey E. Ball to Carolyn E. Eanes, 4308 Knightsbridge Way, Raleigh, North Carolina, $0.

Professional foreclosure Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 210 Franklin Road, Roanoke, $144,585.

Arthur L. Pope to Elliot Sadler Investments, 18051 and 18069 Southampton Parkway, $321,500.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Stewart Broothe, 506 Vaughans Lane, Franklin, $47,500.

Burnis M. Sicklton to Roadrunner Land Holdings LLC, plot in Drewryville, $0.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 23311 Jay Street, Franklin, $10.

David L. and Kimberly P. Clarke to Bryan M. Vick, 18099 Three Creeks Road, Capron, $132,000.

Blanche V. Whitehead to Beverly W. Stewart, 34443 Statesville Road, Newsoms, $0.

Thomas H. Bain to Andrew Duncan Bain, Barrow Road, Capron, $0.

William T. Riddick to Sharon M. Landsberry, 28369 Monroe Road, Franklin, $250,000.

Thelma V. Barnes to Lundy Holdings LLC, 23053 Meadow Street, Capron, $75,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jason Parker White, 132 Holly Cove Street, Franklin, $125,000.

Thomas J. and Melissa A. Bassey to Idlefonso M. Mendiola, 825 Rebecca Street, Franklin, $189,000.

Richard H. and Christian N. Brinker to Kevin L. and Iris N. Cauldwell, 31495 Oberry Church Road, Franklin, $255,000.

Jerry W. Vick to Wallace E. Floyd, 19180 Southampton Parkway, Capron, $134,000.

James Gallagher to John F. Wilroy, P.O. Box 385, Boykins, $0.

Anthony W. Martinette to Christopher R. Meade, 27176 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $205,000.

Homestead Lane LLC to Timothy and Cassandra Howery, 23172 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $205,000.

Betty Morris and James T. Cooke to Aman and James Thomas Cooke Jr, 28229 Grays Shop Road, Newsoms, $0.

Mary C. and Jones and Susan Morris to Talj Properties LLC, 31055 Cardinal Avenue, Franklin, $0.

Mary B. and R.S. Edwards Jr. to William Thomas Edwards, 32308 Sandy Ridge Road, Franklin, $15,000.

Henry Bruce Bryant III to Margaret Rose Gadsby, 18274 Bryant Avenue, Boykins, $40,000.

Kenneth R. and Shelby D. Bradshaw to Curtis W. and Catherine Ross, 24247 Ridley Road, Courtland, $100,000.

Jeremiah J. Dicharry to Christopher R. and Megan M. Smith, 321824 Broad Street, Boykins, $10,000.

Ella L. Urquhart to Teresa E. Mills, 29154 Delaware Road, Franklin, $0.

Jennifer Kitchen and May Pulley to Mayo D. and Jennifer K. Pulley, 25470 Dickens Lane, Capron, $0.

Pensco Trust Company and Toni Dellinger Nolf, 29120 Darden Point Road, Capron, $0.

James L. Hawks to Cheri L. Hawks, 125 Queens Lane, Franklin, $0.

Sue B. Hunter to Dwight K. Hunter, 401 Clay Street, Franklin, $0.

Eric D. and Rebecca E. Beach to Timothy J. and Wendy A. Kubik, 113 Kings Lane, franklin, $268,200.

Thomas McLaughlin to Thomas McLaughlin Revocable, 2809 Georgia Court, Portsmouth, $0.

Paul K. Campsen to Premier Bank Inc., 320 North First Street, Richmond, $96,000.

Weinbert Properties LLC to Premier Bank Inc., 320 North First Street, Richmond, $92,124.

Fuller Properties LLC to Premier Bank Inc., 320 North First Street, Richmond, $100,000.

Calva LLC to Premier Bank Inc., 320 North First Street, Richmond, $76,000.

Angela and Horace E. Belch III to R. Edward Railey III, P.O. Box 263, Courtland, $150,000.

Douglas C. Blythe to Malcolm B. Blythe, 23072 Sedley Road, Franklin, $0.

Delaware F. Harris II to Benjamin L. Waller, 1245 Lummis Road, Suffolk, $22,000.

Edward A. and Mary C. Whitley to Mary E. Johnson, 432 Crescent Drive, Franklin, $178,000.

William Robert Atkinson III to Gary S. and Amy H. Leinart, 328 Robinhood Road, Franklin, $137,500.

Beneficial Financial Inc. to Denise E. Grant, 23125 Meherrin Road, Courtland, $9,529.

U.S. Bank to Amy Campbell Davis, 26288 Tyler Circle, Courtland, $48,000.

Michael J. Barbour to Curtis L. Brewer, 5367 Proctors Bridge Road, Ivor, $194,000.

Lewis T. Ferguson to Heather Ann Doughtie, 226 Scuppernong Road, Manteo, North Carolina, $0.

Anthony Drake Builders LLC to Rachael N. and James K. Heikens, 32431 Brooke Run Court, Franklin, $214,000.

Fannie Mae to Okema Bowers, 29298 Delaware Road, Franklin, $55,000.

Sylvia Buskey to Jon and Mary Woltmann, 200 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $279,000.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Wayne A. Cooke, 26535 Meherrin Road, Capron, $45,000.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Christel Lynn Gordon, 4431 Southampton Parkway, Emporia, $107,000.

Wayne A. Cooke to Wayne A. and Gordon Cooke, 26535 Meherrin Road, Capron, $0.

Terrance D. and Nickelle S. Baker to Kenneth Panissidi, 160 Covey Circle, Franklin, $135,000.

Karen J. and John Latimer to Karin Latimer Living Trust, 2569 Blackhead Signpost Road, Courtland, $0.

Barbara K. Brinkley to Robert L. Saunders, 36460 One Mile Road, Zuni, $162,000.

Barbara J. and William Rodgester to Eddie Belcher, 116 Parks Place, Franklin, $125,000.