Community, police must work together

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Last night, in cities and towns across America, the National Association of Town Watch celebrated National Night Out. National Night Out is intended to be an opportunity for law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve to spend time together at block parties or neighborhood gatherings arranged by local community watch organizations. For many years, such events have been held in various neighborhoods throughout the City of Franklin. This year, apparently no such event was scheduled.

We have been fortunate in Franklin, given what seems to be either an increase in regularity or an increase in awareness of police-involved altercations in recent years, that no such major clash has taken place here. We credit the members of the Franklin Police Department for conducting themselves in such a professional manner that no such incident has occurred.

But it remains true that there are two parties responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship between law enforcement and the community. All involved must do their part.

Perhaps it was mere oversight that no events were scheduled in Franklin this year. Perhaps an assumption was made that the community already has a good relationship with its police department. Regardless of the reason, we encourage the community to reach out to law enforcement, not just on National Night Out, but each and every day, to ensure that Franklin and the surrounding community is as safe as possible.