Southampton school system benefits from forward-thinking

Published 2:54 pm Saturday, July 18, 2015

If Superintendent Dr. Alvera J. Parrish’s plan for athletic and scholastic prominence comes to fruition, the Southampton County Public School system has a chance to not only be one of the premier school districts in the region, but it could be among the best in the state.

At Monday evening’s school board meeting, Parrish outlined a number of improvements to the curriculum and facilities that would help the district compete in all facets of the academic realm.

In her three years at the helm, she has been faced with the difficulties of a continuously shrinking budget. Because the state has given less money each year of her tenure, and because the county refuses to subsequently raise taxes, she and the members of the school board have, albeit reluctantly, made various cuts to keep the ship afloat. But even though the outlook remains bleak in that aspect, the leaders at Southampton do not let that deter them from actively seeking ways to supplement the shortfalls.

Parrish made that clear at November’s track unveiling when she told The Tidewater News that she will never be complacent.

“There’s always room to improve the schools and the community,” she said.

She’s right, and we applaud her for her determination in spite of the circumstances.

And when these new improvements to the track are complete and the school can host state meets; the new electricity program is churning out career-ready graduates; the scoreboard displays yet another Indians’ victory; students and community members alike work out inside of an indoor practice facility; and the budget returns to an asset instead of a burden, we hope that the leaders of Southampton County Public Schools continue have the same forward-thinking and strive for the same excellence that they do now.