City Public Works awarded VDOT grant

Published 3:01 pm Saturday, July 18, 2015

This year, a surplus of funds allowed the Virginia Department of Transportation to sponsor the Primary Extension Paving Program Funding Allocation. This enables Virginia localities to complete necessary roadwork and be reimbursed by VDOT.

“We applied for two roads under this program,” said Russ Pace, the director of Public Works. “We’re going to be working on Clay Street from Sunset to Kings Lane, and South Street from Hogart Street to the city limits where it meets 58.”

Local governments had to apply for the program, submitting streets for consideration that met certain requirements. The biggest consideration is that only streets which connect to an interstate or major route are eligible. Clay Street and South Street were eligible mostly because they connected to Route 58.

“When we submitted Clay Street, we actually applied for Sunset Drive all the way to city limits at 58, but VDOT decided that from Kings Street to 58 was in good enough condition. So we were awarded Sunset Drive to Kings Lane,” Pace said.

Work on the paving projects will begin as soon as possible, pending approval from VDOT.

Pace said the city will pay for and complete both projects. After completion, VDOT will inspect the finished product to ensure that the road is within standards. The city will then file their invoices and receipts with VDOT in order to be reimbursed.

The projects must be completed within six months of the award date. Pace said during the Franklin City Council meeting Monday night that the Public Works Department hopes to start paving sometime in August.

He encourages citizens to contact him at 562-8562.