With skating rink gone, what’s left for children?

Published 8:54 am Friday, July 17, 2015

To the Editor:

As a Franklin resident, when I read the article about the skating rink closing I just shook my head, because all I could think about was the dozens of children who considered the skating rink to be their “safe haven of fun.”

I understand that money is money and that the renovations were costly, but my concern is still with the children that will be left behind. The City of Franklin has hardly anything to spark the interest of our young people. I am thankful for programs such as those held at the library and PDCCC, but it seems that the only thing “fun” for our children to do (without driving 45 minutes away) is the bowling alley. First it was the movie theatre, and now it’s the skating rink.

The older adults have plenty to do in Franklin, but as I read about the closing of the rink the main question that crosses my mind is…WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

Brittany Urquhart