Independence Day in the melting pot

Published 8:34 am Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day has long been an occasion to celebrate our identity as Americans.

Attend parades, shoot fireworks, eat barbecue and display the American flag at nearly every corner.

In light of recent divisive political events, we should all take this opportunity to remember that no matter our political stances, religious beliefs, skin color, sexuality or any other factor that sets us apart, we are all Americans. We live in a nation intended to allow us all to coexist with one another in peace. Chaotic forces at times try to disrupt this design, but it is important to stand together in spite of those who would stand divided. It is important to remain thankful for our many blessings, while mourning our losses and correcting our faults.

But most of all, it is important to recognize that our Constitution allows for us all to hold our own beliefs, convictions and opinions without persecution from the government. We should all make an effort to stop persecuting others whose beliefs don’t exactly dovetail with our own.

To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, “Peace is not the absence of [disagreement], it is the ability to handle disagreement by peaceful means.”

So go see the parade in Newsoms or the fireworks in Windsor, or just fire up the grill in your backyard, crack open a beverage and celebrate independence with your friends and family.