Metromile brings pay-per-mile insurance to Virginia

Published 11:39 am Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Metromile, a pioneer in pay-per-mile car insurance in the United States, has announced its Virginia launch as part of its East Coast expansion. Metromile uses technology and a data-driven approach to deliver lower premiums by the mile and personalized data to make all aspects of owning and driving a car simpler, less expensive and more convenient. Virginia joins California, Illinois, Washington and Oregon as states where Metromile offers per-mile insurance.

Metromile is the first and only agent offering pay-per-mile insurance in the nation, specifically benefiting those who drive less than 10,000 miles per year, saving customers on average $500 annually. To use per-mile insurance, Metromile drivers simply plug the Metromile Pulse device into the onboard diagnostic (OBD-II) port of the car, which then obtains data and wirelessly transmits to secure servers. Through Metromile’s driving app and this connected device (Pulse), Metromile is taking car insurance beyond the claim and reinventing how drivers can effectively manage the costs of car ownership.

“Virginia has always been known to have ample public transportation options and many of its cities are easily accessible on foot so locals can get by with little use of their car,” said Dan Preston, CEO of Metromile. “Virginia’s great transportation infrastructure, coupled with the idea that drivers are sick and tired of traffic congestion and thus opting to drive their cars less make a pay-per-mile insurance product such as Metromile a great fit — the less time you spend behind the wheel, the less money you spend on insurance.”

In addition to its flagship per-mile insurance product, Metromile also offers all Virginia drivers the latest innovation in smart driving, Metromile Tag. Designed for people who are not quite ready to switch to pay-per-mile car insurance, Metromile Tag helps drivers become more informed about their vehicle and driving behavior with innovative features including commute optimization, find parked location, customizable trip logs, mileage tracking for expense reporting, driving trends and street cleaning notifications. Metromile Tag is available for free with iOS and Android devices.

Metromile is a pioneer in rideshare insurance and was one of the first to offer an approved insurance option for Uber drivers in California, Illinois and Washington. Metromile is currently awaiting approval from the Department of Insurance to offer Uber drivers this option in Virginia.

Policies are sold through Metromile Insurance Services LLC (the Managing General Agent for your insurance policy) and are written by insurers in the National General Insurance Group.

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