Southampton serves elementary tennis program

Published 11:26 am Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Southampton County Public School system has partnered with the Western Tidewater Tennis Association to “Ace Obesity in Schools.”

The two-part program, aimed at third-grade students, will be happen at no cost to the school district thanks to a grant from the Obici Health Care Foundation.

Students will receive a tennis racket and foam ball, instruction from a certified tennis instructor and “Henry Gets Moving” — a book about a young hamster that passes his obesity challenge through an active lifestyle and healthy eating. After reading the book, the students will be challenged to answer questions about why physical activity is important.

The second part of the program targets teachers and helps them get physically fit while serving as a role model for their students. Western Tidewater Tennis Association will offer lessons to teachers at an off-site location on evenings, weekends or during the summer. The teachers will also receive a racket at no cost.

“We’re looking forward to having the program at Southampton County Public Schools,” said Executive Director of Administration and Personnel Dr. Wayne K Smith. “The school division is fortunate to have this opportunity.”