Georgie High Class of ‘65 preparing to reunite

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, May 6, 2015

by Margaret D. Knight

Georgie Tyler High School Class of 1965 will celebrate its 50-Year Reunion the weekend of June 27-28, 2015. The class of 25 graduates was small in number but enormous in spirit, love and ambition. Fifty years later they still possess those generous attitudes and dispositions. Graduating from Georgie Tyler sent class members to many parts of the country and for some outside of the United States. The classmate who currently lives the greatest distance from our Windsor hometown will travel from Tacoma, Washington, to celebrate with classmates.

Georgie Tyler 1965 graduates entered various careers that include military service, K-12 teaching and school administration, university professors, radiology, nursing, research, dentistry, entrepreneurship, funeral services, ministry and several other careers.

The class members are looking forward to reminiscing with some high school teachers, one of their sixth0grade teachers, classmates and friends who many have not seen since graduating 50 years ago. As the graduates continue to exemplify the works of the faculty, staff and administrators of the Georgie Tyler School which existed from 1958 through 1969, they are excited to celebrate the legacy that lives on in Isle of Wight County and the Windsor community. The school bore the name of Ms. Georgie Tyler, who was known as an education historian in Isle of Wight County. She unselfishly sacrificed much to ensure that African-American children received an education.

About half of the 1965 graduates actually attended the Georgie Tyler School during their entire 12 years of school. It was under the leadership of the Principal Mr. Elgin M. Lowe Sr. during the entire 12-year period.

Under Mr. Lowe’s leadership, the school grew from 320 students and eight teachers in in the 1950s to 954 students and 45 teachers in 1969 when integration took place. The 1965 high school class family consists of citizens who proudly represented their communities of Windsor, Duck Town, Zuni, Central Hill, Holly Grove, Carrsville, Camptown, Smithfield and surrounding areas. Mr. Lowe’s daughter, Sandra, will provide reflections during the reunion activities.

The members of the Georgie Tyler High School class of 1965 are looking forward to reflecting, taking a walk back down memory lane, renewing friendships and making the weekend memorable for all who participate. The class will hold a banquet with a program and entertainment on Saturday and will worship and have dinner together on Sunday.

As written in the school’s Alma Mater “We come from far and nigh to improve the lives we lead, … Dear Georgie Tyler High, we adore Thee.”

Contact a member of the class of 1965 for more information about the reunion celebration.

DR. MARGARET D. KNIGHT is the department chair of Early Childhood/Elementary and Special Education at Norfolk State University. Contact her at 823-8841 or