Can you help us deliver a smile?

Published 11:59 am Saturday, April 25, 2015

by Virginia Norfleet

We have a wonderful Meals on Wheels Route here in Windsor! Back in 1998, Suffolk Meals on Wheels agreed to allow us to establish a Windsor Route if we could find enough volunteers to run the route five days a week.

After spreading the word through churches, flyers and the help of civic organizations, we soon had enough volunteers to establish a team for each day of the week. Team leaders were chosen for each day and assumed the responsibility of scheduling their group as well as exchanging positions if someone needs an adjustment.

Seventeen years later (2015) many of those same volunteers are running their route as scheduled. Some of us are a bit slower than we were 17 years ago, so we need your help in two ways:

1. If there is a day in the week that you could volunteer, you can choose your day. You would usually be scheduled once a month. If you are interested, we can fill you in on all the details. Call Suffolk Meals on Wheels at 934-4911 and ask for Roseland Worrell, executive director.

2. Secondly, we need more recipients in the Windsor area. Do you know of a senior citizen who could probably live independently for a few more years, if they didn’t have to shop for groceries and prepare meals? Do you know of someone who had a recent surgery and is really not up to preparing meals? Our meals are prepared at Obici Hospital and delivered to Windsor in a temperature controlled van. Our volunteers meet the van and deliver according to a route sheet.

I think you will find the experience rewarding. The recipients are so happy to see you-you may be the only person they see that day!

VIRGINIA NORFLEET is the volunteer coordinator for the Windsor Route of Meals on Wheels. Contact her at 242-6795.