Speak out against 460 alternative

Published 10:48 am Saturday, April 18, 2015

To the Editor:

I am a concerned citizen of Zuni, Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

The route in front of the state at this time is not in accordance with the original intention of an improved route 460, and negates its usefulness as either an expedited route for port traffic or evacuation for Greater Tidewater residents in case of severe flooding.

This cut-down version of the high-speed highway is dangerous and a last-ditch effort to do something, anything. This says nothing of economic impact to the area it crosses. The money already spent on playing in the dirt would have made improvements to the existing 460 and this would be behind us.

The new plan for plowing through Zuni and crossing the Blackwater River will cause more flooding in that area and cause a bottleneck before folks get to Ivor in Southampton County. There is nowhere, or will there be anywhere, for vehicles to go or to get off the road beyond the ‘improved’ extension. No shoulder, no parking, no hotels, motels or campgrounds.

Please, citizens, contact your local and state representatives and express your concerns about this misuse of local, state and federal tax dollars. This is our money, literally washed down an already clogged and neglected river.

Jane March