Board says no to firefighters’ offer

Published 11:37 am Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dale Scott, a member of the Windsor Volunteer Rescue Squad, said the agency will consult with legal counsel. This announcement came on Monday morning after the majority of Isle of Wight supervisors had turned down a revised facilities use agreement, which was previously offered by the county fire and rescue departments.

Windsor’s and Carrollton’s organizations have not signed the county’s proposal because they want a greater say-so in how their respective facilities are operated on a daily basis.

The issue has been ongoing for several months. In February, Windsor Supervisor Delores “Dee Dee” Darden proposed a six-month plan. If the agencies signed, bills would be paid for utilities, insurance, etc. At the end of that time, the departments would sit down with Emergency Services Coordinator Jeff Terwilliger and come up with a new and permanent plan.

That proposal came up again on Monday, and then all the supervisors agreed that Windsor and Carrollton could sign.