Those who teach our children

Published 10:48 am Friday, April 10, 2015

To the Editor:

Endowed by a system of government whereby its citizenry are bequeathed the right to choose vocation, we Americans enjoy such remarkable liberty as to pursue that trade or craft we deem most essential to our values. Of the multitude of options such liberty affords, there is a segment of our population that has chosen to pursue the role of beckoning young minds into realms never before imagined; of revealing concepts never before envisioned; of arousing the curious mind to such a state as to never again be satisfied. These teachers, including those in the public, private and home institutions, along with all the support staff, play a key role in our culture, and are involved in one of the most noble, influential and significant activities fixed within our society.

They have an incredible challenge. No two human minds are exactly alike. We all learn at different rates in different ways by different methods. We are all intensely complicated beings moved my emotions, fears, passions, goals, agendas and experiences. Yet these teachers are tasked with taking a group of such diverse members and embarking on a journey whereby students are challenged and moved to learn and explore and create; to inspire their pupils to think and dream and build; to foster what is good and true and beautiful. These educators play the role of counselor, confidant, friend, coach, cheerleader and overall support staff. In short, it has been my regular observation involving most all teachers is they simply come to love their students. From that, all else flows.

Therefore, on behalf of our communities, our families, our businesses and our governments, I would like to convey my gratitude and encouragement to you who have committed your lives to such an endeavor.

Rex Alphin
Chairman, Isle of Wight

Board of Supervisors