Historic homes can be worth investment

Published 11:11 am Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To the Editor:

The articles that were recently written in the TN concerning the historic district and mixed use rezoning need a lot of clarification. People are unfairly misinformed and are not getting the facts. Every time this subject is brought up, the facts are misconstrued. This tactic only scares people into not wanting change for the better for the community which unfortunately leads to opposition. Franklin does not tell new homeowners who buy historic homes the fact that there are tools to help them achieve their dream of owning a historic home while being able to live comfortably. Historic homes are currently very CHEAP in this area. There “cheapness” can be utilized with the state tax credits and local tax abatement program using revitalization loans through Wells Fargo.

It is a good time to buy a historic home in Franklin and can be very affordable without the project turning into a money pit. So go ahead and update your kitchen with custom cabinets and granite counter tops! Replace that old heating system, or repair that leaky slate roof and get the money back you deserve! If you love your historic home or would like to own one, contact the Virginia Department of Historic Resources at www.dhr.virgninia.gov to inquire about the tax credit program. They also have a copy of Franklin’s National Historic Register online so you can see if your home is listed. There are approximately 200 structures listed within this district. Contributing structures are eligible for tax credits. Don’t lose money on your investment! Look into it today.

Jennifer Bernocco