Windsor votes to make rough places plain

Published 12:56 pm Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sidewalks throughout the town of Windsor are in need of repairs, and they’ll get them. During its recent meeting, the Windsor Town council voted to award contracts not to exceed $20,700.

Bidding on the project are Belcher’s Paving and Landworks Unlimited, which each asked for $20.50 per linear foot. Town Manager Michael Stallings recommended the work be divided between the two local companies at $8,500 apiece; this will take care of 828 feet of sidewalk. There will also be $3,000 left over to remove two trees that are affecting sidewalks. Although, he added, if the removal is not done, or the cost is less than anticipated, leftover money will be added to the sidewalk repairs.

In other matters, Council gave its support to the Girl Scouts of Troop 1105 in their plan to create a mural, which will depict the town’s history. Regional artist Sam Welty will make the design, with the scouts arranging for volunteers to paint.

The council heard about the project during the February meeting and decided to help with writing a matching grant of $10,000, which Stallings said has been submitted.

The Department of Parks and Recreation requested — and received — a permit to have a fireworks display for the annual Fourth of July celebration in town. The softball field at Windsor High School will be used for the occasion, and the show is scheduled to start at 9:50 p.m.

Speaking of patriotism, the issue of establishing a flag pole continues. Over the past few months council members have had a variety of concerns, such as contractor, type of pole, cost and location. So far, though, the panel favors Cardinal Signs from Virginia Beach to provide an 80-foot pole at $17,300. Lighting could cost as much as $2,000 for materials. An auxiliary police officer has reportedly offered free labor.

The question remains of where to place the pole on the front lot of the future site of a new town hall.

“That will be discussed during the budget work session in April,” Stallings said.