Land transfers

Published 10:19 am Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Land transfers from Jan. 5-30


Andrew M. Neville to Turner Allston Preservation, 25274 Barhams Hill Road, Drewryville, $62,800.

Andrew M. Neville to Carlton and Phyllis Lillard, 1151 Fairway Drive, Chesapeake, $2,000.

Andrew M Neville to David J Fowler and Sons Inc, 14250 Plank Road, Courtland, $16,000.

Andrew M. Neville to Martinette Properties LLC, 27053 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $16,000.

Andrew M. Neville to Martinette Properties LLC, 27053 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $13,000.

Andrew M. Neville to Ahmed Azzam, 208 Brunswick Road, Stephens City, $16,000.

Andrew M. Neville to Martinette Properties LLC, 27085 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $13,500.

Jack J. Cooper to Barry W. and Hanok L. Patton, 37384 General Mahone Boulevard, Ivor, $78,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Donnie and Minga Sightler, 36243 Seacock Chapel Road, Zuni, $75,100.

US Bank Trust to Theresa and Brett Mattox, 16121 Cabin Pond Lane, Boykins, $33,000.

John S. Smart to Walter Everett Story, 140 Culpepper Street, Warrenton, $205,000.

Mark B. and Cynthia S. Urben to Stanley G. Bryan, 809 George Washington Highway, Chesapeake, $200,000.

John S. Smart to Larry M. Murphy, 4544 Sleepy Hole Road, Suffolk, $187,000.

Walter Beale Real Estate to Bowles Farm Partnership LLC, 315 White Dogwood Drive, Chesapeake, $328,276.

Joe Frank and Margaret Claud to Joe Frank Claud, 26133 Clarksbury Road, Boykins, $0.

Andrew B. and Crystal C. Drewry to Andrew B. Drewry, 308 Sedley Road, Franklin, $131,126.68.

Nandrea Matthews-Ward to Cheryl Vincent, 1912 South Street, Franklin, $58,000.

Willie and Lisa Cannon to Willie Cannon, 14552 Eastman Street, Woodbridge, $0.

Joseph W. Hutt to Richard Allan Bennett, 1038 Clay Street, Franklin, $236,000.

Rebecca E. Banks to Homer Cagle, 30275 Oak Avenue, Sedley, $17,100.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Delano Johnson, 22057 Medicine Springs Road, Courtland, $182,500.

Kimberly C. Britt to James E. and Shirley J. Cross, 28494 Mount Herob Road, Franklin, $0.

Ronald Wayne Griffin to Melissa Griffin Hatfield, 15 Country Club Road, Franklin, $0.

Fannie Mae to Joseph and Yamika Bennett, 19507 Harris Road, Franklin, $240,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Thomas and Arlean Simms, 708 Rebecca Street, Franklin, $101,500.

Teddy R. Chipley to Richard Z. and Jennifer N. Lazarus, 32473 Pebble Brook Drive, Franklin, $168,000.

Kenneth A. Vaughan to Betty Leigh Vaughan, P.O. Box 192, Newsoms, $15,500.

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to Citifinancial Inc, 28297 Pretlow Road, Franklin, $21,747.16.

Manning Properties to Tarchelle B. Benn, 129 Langston Court, Franklin, $72,880.

Joyce S. Beamer to Bernice G. Scott, 1341 Baltic Street, Suffolk, $0.

Lowe Brothers to David C. Simmons, 19947 River Road, Courtland, $0.

David C. Simmons to Lowe Brothers, 19947 River Road, Courtland, $0.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Janice Marie Powers-Johnson, 509 Norfleet Street, Franklin, $53,000.

Fannie Mae to Amanda L. Crumpler, 30112 Nottoway Lane, Franklin, $32,650.

Frank Kenneth Patterson to Hunter B. Patterson, 26438 Barretts Church Road, Sedley, $198,000.

Barbara J. Rodgester to Barbara J. and William N. Rodgester, P.O. Box 265, Zuni, $0.

Graham Pulley to Collin G. Pulley, P.O. Box 189, Courtland, $0.

Sandra Kay Brothers to Shelby J. Forbes, 313 Robinhood Road, Franklin, $127,000.

Evangeline Eley to Evangeline and George Eley 37112 Seacock Chapel Road, Zuni, $0.

Fannie Mae to Henry Olds, 407 South High Street, Franklin, $38,050.

Donald Ray and Tina M. Davis to Donald Ray Davis, 38593 Warrique Road, Ivor, $0.

Tillie W. Fortner to Annette Holt, P.O. Box 61, Capron, $24,500.

Larry Tennessee to Tammy Tennessee, 112 Spring Hill Drive, Emporia, $0.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Alvin E. Harris, 1100 High Street, Franklin, $12,500.

Roger D. Vann to Ronald E. McClenny, 901 Craig Drive, Suffolk, $14,000.

Roger D. Vann to Ronald E. McClenny, 808 Pretlow Street, Franklin, $7,000.

Edward A. and Tiffany D. O’Donnell and William Randall Barrett, 24373 Greenhead Road, Courtland, $120,000.

Douglas W. and Angela B. Whitby to Angela B. Whitby, 17050 Drake Road, Sedley, $0.