Girl Scouts 1105 plan mural for Windsor

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Windsor Town Council will look into assisting a local Girl Scout troop with an ambitious community project. Five members of Troop 1105 want to create a mural that will feature historic buildings of the town.

During the recent Council meeting, troop leader Jennifer Bak said the girls are working on service projects to earn their silver medal, which is one of three awards that Girl Scouts can earn – the other two being bronze and gold.

Bak said there were two factors that led to the project.

“So much revenue drives through the town to Waverly, Smithfield and Suffolk. There’s no reason for anyone to stop,” she said.

The hope is that the sight of this colorful roadside attraction could inspire people to slow down, turn around, stop and take a closer look. This in turn could also inspire passersby to investigate what else is the town, and perhaps spend some money during the visit.

“There’s so much history in the town,” Bak said about the other reason. Showing scenes of what helped make Windsor into a community can serve as a way of educating residents.

“This has really, really snowballed,” Bak said.

She is hopeful that the project, once completed, will “spark other communities to do similar beautification projects.”

The site of the roadside attraction will be on a building at 11 E. Windsor Blvd., across from the town hall. Fern Nunez, who Bak calls the project’s biggest supporter, is the owner of location of the future mural. True Value is reported to be donating the paint. The Town of Windsor will apply for a grant to help pay a regional artist to create the design.

“Sam Welty has been absolutely wonderful,” Bak said, adding that he’s giving a discount rate for his service.

Come late March or early April, the building will first get a power wash and other preparatory work so that the Chesapeake artist can draw the picture.

“Paint by number” is how Bak describes the painting process. As part of their project, the girls must demonstrate leadership skills, which includes arrange for and supervising volunteers to fill in the spaces with the colors. The 4-H organization is already on board, Bak said, and the World Market at the intermodal park will be approached.

“This will be by the community, for the community,” Bak said.