Crews work on Franklin streets, Armory mostly clear

Published 10:25 am Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A vehicle turns onto Forest Pine Road.

A vehicle turns onto Forest Pine Road.

Armory Drive is passible, said City Manager Randy Martin, who had been speaking to Public Works Director Russ Pace.

Martin said they are working on the other main thoroughfares, the main downtown streets, Clay Street, College Drive and South Street as of 10 a.m.

Martin said crews have been working on it since the early morning areas, scraping and applying treatment and sand, particularly as the snow started to taper out. There have been some delays, though, due to equipment problems.

“The cold temperatures are really fighting us and giving us equipment issues,” he said. “It doesn’t perform as well in these temperatures.”

As far as the other roads, particularly neighborhood roads, Martin said it’s a challenge with these temperatures. With the sun trying to come out, Martin said it was still likely that some of those would be covered for some time, as temperatures are anticipated to remain below freezing.

Martin said there have been people on the roads, though he encourages people to stay off of them until they are fully scraped.

“Even with four-wheel drive, it is hard to see where the road is,” Martin said. “And with the temperatures, people are subject to car damage.”

By tomorrow, Martin said Franklin hopes to have all of the main streets in town passible.