Trucks making problem in county

Published 12:10 pm Friday, February 13, 2015

To the Editor:

For the safety and welfare of the people using Dogwood Bend Road, the big trucks going to the Enviva plant are at it again. Last summer was ruined for everyone due to dust. No cook-outs, no clean cars and no clean houses. Simply because the drivers would not be polite enough to slow down for a small three quarters of a mile. There was one near accident because the oncoming driver could not see over the dust cloud. Now the road is re-paved. Signs were put up telling truckers to use Armory exit. All was quiet for a while. No more.

Trucks coming in from Carolina way are turning left on a short strip of Howells Corner then a sharp left in front of an old store unto Dogwood Bend. That space is not a turn around. On-coming traffic can not see them making that left and at times have to stop for them. Sometimes stopping too close because they will not stop.

We also have children and school buses on this road. This is not Daytona. If they can not keep the trucks off this road they — and I mean our law officials — could at least monitor their speed. Maybe this is a case where someone has to get hurt before anything is done. Pray it is not a child. Or are the wood pellets more important than people’s safety?

Larry Kitchen
Dogwood Bend