Nursing program founders merit thanks

Published 12:11 pm Friday, February 13, 2015

If you’ve been to an area hospital in the past 10 years, chances are good that one or more of the nurses you saw was someone you already know in Western Tidewater. Perhaps they were neighbors or even relatives. Chances are even better that she or he was a graduate of the nursing program at Paul D. Camp Community College.

When the curriculum was started, the goal then was to launch students into the workforce fully prepared by a top-level faculty. That commitment to professionalism remains true today, and has given the college good reason to celebrate.

Last week, PDCCC hosted an anniversary program. During that time, the following people were dutifully honored: Dr. Candace Rogers, Dr. Doug Boyce, Dr. Maxine Singleton, Barbara Brantley and Barbara Ridenhour. These individuals were recognized for their leadership in establishing and fostering the nursing program.

No less important to be recognized are the organizations that generously gave money to finance and nurture the program: The Camp Family Foundation, Franklin-Southampton Charities, Southampton Memorial Hospital, Sentara Obici Hospital, Birdsong Corporation, Hampton Roads Community Foundation and the Obici Healthcare Foundation.

As Rogers put it so eloquently during her speech, “It’s not one person, it’s everyone.”

All who have had a part in training nurses of yesterday, today and tomorrow truly deserve our gratitude.