An open letter to the community on jobs

Published 10:23 am Friday, February 6, 2015

If we, as residents of the South Side of the City of Franklin, don’t start to think differently; with a higher quality of thought; we will not be able to help ourselves improve our community through the “creation of jobs for ourselves, friends, and family.”

We must make the personal choice to use our money to support businesses that support the South Side by hiring South Side residents to work for their businesses.

We have too many people without jobs, too many households without enough money to live on, too many people unable to keep up with the costs of living in the City of Franklin, Va.

We all have heard many people ask the question, what can one person do? And although many of us don’t have much ourselves; the reality is this is our home and our community. We can reach out and make a difference for ourselves, our unemployed neighbors, friends, and family. As a village willing to work together, regular people like you and me can make a difference.

The South Side Job Network is a network of willing individuals coming together as a spending group; unified with the mission of group spending with businesses that will give South Side residents full and part-time jobs. Yes, one person can make a difference, a huge difference, but the South Side Job Network is taking our righteous cause to get jobs for South Side residents to a higher level.

As a “spending group” we can take charge of what we have and consciously direct our money to the businesses that will help us take care of our village; our community.

The United States Declaration of Independence speaks on our constitutional right to pursue liberty and happiness.

Well for us, a job for every South Side/South St. area resident willing to work is our way to pursue our group’s happiness. So, let us come together as a unified group with the goal of creating jobs for all of our residents willing to work.

Let us support Trinkets and Treasures and Pilton’s Palace Restaurant. In order for Trinket and Treasures, Main Street, Franklin, to hire one more employee(s), the business needs thirty (30) new regular customers a week; and, Pilton’s Palace Restaurant, South Street, Franklin, needs forty (40) new regular customers a week.

I’m asking along with the South Side Job Network, everyone who agrees with us to decide to create jobs for the South Side, and to support and to spend your money with Pilton’s Palace Restaurant and Trinkets and Treasures.

Together we can make a real change that will benefit us all.

THOMAS COUNCILL JR. is the promoter of the South Side Job Network. He can be contacted at