Why the reluctance about the gifted program?

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In an age when schools are deemed a success or a failure based in large part by standardized test scores, it stands to reason that many systems would focus heavily on underachieving students in hopes of improving overall passing rates in certain subjects.

It’s an important task, bringing struggling students up to grade level. Not just because of school report cards or accreditation standing, but because each child deserves the best education they can possibly receive.

The same applies to students at the other end of the performance spectrum, as well. Children who excel in school should also have every opportunity to be pushed and challenged to reach the full extent of their potential.

That is why many are troubled by a lack of response from Franklin’s school leaders as to how the district will be able to continue operating its gifted program with only one instructor.

Refusing to answer direct questions regarding staff by hiding behind the district’s policy not to discuss personnel is nothing new, but it is a tact that fosters more distrust and the appearance of a lack of transparency.

It also leaves families with gifted students in the dark. If the city’s gifted program is not going to be fully staffed, school leadership should come out and say so.

The students who excel deserve the best we can give them. If the city has nothing to offer, their families should be given that information so they can make the best decision for their children.