Land transfers

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Southampton County

Jonnie H. and Joan C. Worrell to Joe L. Hayslett, Jr, 955 Chiswick Circle, Newport News, $23,000.

Jesse M. and Joan C. Chambliss to Janel Chambliss and Joce N. Bowens, 304 Delk Street, $0.

Jesse M. and Joan C. Chambliss to Jocelyn M. Chambill, 304 Delk Street, $0.

Daniel F. and Dana L. Akers to Charles G. Gatten, 220 Meadow Lane, $500,000.

Donna O. Robinson to Pete T. Twisdale, II, 305 W. Third Avenue, $44,325.

Kennix, LLC, to Michael H. and Michelle N. Tomlin, 105 Southampton Road, $150,000.

Jesse D. Gardner to James M. and Ginger A. Stradley, 33397 Old Nottoway Road, $72,500.

Blaine W. and Debra L. Sutphin to John P. and Margretta V. Siffrin, 208 Robin Hood Road, $105,000.

Gary and Marcia Welsh to Luann Norfleet, 201 Willis Road, $214,900.

Virginia Habitat for Humanity to Patricia Brown, 104 Langston Court, $123,389.15.

U.S. Bank National Association to Adrian E. Brooks Revocable Trust, 204 Sycamore Road, $57,000.

Stephen M. Busby to Stephen M. Busby, Jr., 113 Magnolia Avenue, $0.

DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc, to Shun Lin Li, 217 Robin Hood Road, $93,000.

Robert L. and Lane C. Meredith to Ernest H. Avery, 329 Robin Hood Road, $215,000.

Vivian M. and Albert J. Rabovsky to Justins and Silva McGee, 32164 Sycamore Church Road, $179,900.

Ernest L. Cutler, Jr., to Larry Tennessee, 112 Spring Hill Drive, $3,500.

Sara Frances Drake Forrest to Jonathan D. and Jaime L. Bowen, 18170 Fourth Street, $16,000.

Board of Supervisors to Lee and Amy Hooker, 21158 Lankford Lane, $23,100.

Stephen and Tammy Jarvis to Scott and Laura Hice, 22532 Scottswood Drive, $155,000.

Donald, Gordon and Lou Dundalow to Roger H. Reifschneider, 29014 Country Club Road, $1,000.

George D. Davis to Emily C. McCoy, 23125 Calvin Drive, $160,000.

Michael J. Williams to Jane B. Jones, 29378 Smiths Ferry Road, $76,000.

Irvin M. Malcolm to Hugh W. Malcolm, 12495 Wakefield Road, $45,000.

Shelby J. Ward to R.M. Clarke, 4233 Battery Road, $52,000.

Sara K. Gray to Robert and Shana Councill, 18145 Sedley Road, $210,000.

Robert J. and Monica E. Grime to Vanessa A. Bailey, 2483 Southampton Parkway, $57,700.

Brenda C. Whitley to Dustin Wright and Laurel E. Pope, 127 Country Club, $110,000.

Michael A. and Tesse E. Kizis to Billie Lassiter, 29583 Cypress Bridge Road, $100,000.

Ann D. Gibbs to Joseph B. Bunn, 29164 Three Bees Road, $325,000.

Gregory and Kim Terhune to Robert and Brandy Courson, 15121 Tucker Swamp Road, $278,000.

Jason B. Wise and Susan N. Vaughn to Jason B. Wise, 22604 Harvest Drive, $0.

Elizabeth Dixon Brooks to Craig A. and Laure N. Heckenlaible, 22474 Linden Street, $172,000.

Elizabeth O. Parham to Brenda L. Reed, 25259 Blackhead Signpost Road, $0.

Ann D. Gibbs to James H. Fuller, 32349 South Main Street, $160,000.

Ann D. Gibbs to Lary P. and Debra K. Felts, 30346 Shiloh Road, $630,000.

Ann D. Gibbs to James R. and Melissa H. Nurney, 25233 Dickens Lane, $240,000.

Stephen W. Joyner to Kristin L. Holland, Lots 19, 20 and 22 on Shands Drive, $0.

Louise, Gordon and Don Dundalow to Leroy Ronald Raiford, 26060 Country Club Road, $8,500.

Kenyatta J. and David N. McCain to David A. and Charlotte N. Balek, 32453 Pebble Brook Drive, $169,000.

John S. Lankford to Ronald G. Richards, II, 212 Holly Cove, $180,250.

Ann D. Gibbs to Louis R. and Terese E. Darden, 8410 Gaylord Road, $4,000.

Morris W. and Kelley E. Conaway to Morris W. Conaway, 26224 Rochelle Street, $0.

Fannie Mae to Hailstorm, LLC, 2429 Drum Creek Road, $25,000.

Rufus J. and Denise S. Mason to Rufus J. Mason, 32267 Smiths Ferry Road, $0.

Elizabeth Building and Loan to David Power, P.O. Box 132, $15,000.

Brenda J. Joyner to Waldolph Murphy, 19003 Ivor Road, $53,000.

Frank M. Rawles to William T. and April N. Pittman, 15347 Wakefield Road, $0.

W. Frank Daughtrey to William S. and Lisa N. Belcher, 26236 Andrewson Drive, $199,000.

John C. and Kelly W. Joyce to Taylor A. and Sabrina A. Herring, 14302 Tucker Swamp Road, $185,000.

Lorenza Ricks Sr., to Manuel Williams, 22397 Barn Tavern Road, $1,000.

Roger Lee Artis to Clarke E. and Clifford S. Fox, P.O. Box 186, $27,000.

Stephanie J. Muir to Anthony Drake Builders, LC, 27053 Flaggy Run Road, $28,000.

Anthony Drake Builders LLC, to John Lee, 23011 Jons Place, $217,000.

Isle of Wight County

William B. Callis to Corky P. Keeth of 12341 Shiloh Drive, Windsor, parcel A of the J. Goode Roberts estate, $266,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Patricia L. Heidt of 24367 John Henry St., Windsor, lot 53, Holland Meadows, $228,545

Richard C. Sawyer to Melissa Charlotte Sawyer of 10184 Magnolia Manor, Windsor, interest in 65.71 acres of Holland Edwards estate, $0

Kevin G. Presson to Melody E. Jones of 13 Holland Dr., Windsor, parcel 13, Holland Drive, Windsor, $180,000

Sybil N. Acey to Daniel T. Orie Jr. of 8079 Pond Dr., Zuni, lot 7, Shady Brook Farm, $360,000

Ronnie Linville to Ryan D. Linville of 24138 Regenia Ct., Windsor, lot 9, Lawrence Meadows, $226,000

Vivian Gray Nickerson Parker to Nannie Gray Walker of 14045 Blue Ridge Trail, Windsor, 2.35 acres parcel 25D and add Elsie Weaver Gray estate, $40,000

John Kevin Byrum of 14540 Five Forks Rd., Windsor, to self, 0.918 acres at same address, $0

Adolph Ashburn Cutchin III to Crossways Farms llc, Franklin, parcel on Carver Road of Mary A. Cutchin estate, $0

Willard E. Herrin Jr. of Johnny Lee Scott III of 34426 Bowers Rd., Franklin, 229 acres on Route 630, adjacent to H. Bradshaw property, $450,000

Leslie D. Barnette to Jennifer M. Moore of 23063 Courthouse Hwy., Windsor, 2.15 acres, Courthouse Highway, $209,900

Charles Caton Jr. to William D. Stephens of 6941 Mill Creek Dr., Zuni, lot 20 at Mill Creek Farm North, $199,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Sarah L. Tracy of 24295 John Henry St., Windsor, lot 46 at Holland Meadows, $258,011

B&J Land Development Inc. to Eric Dominic Myrick of 329 Roosevelt Ave., Franklin, lots 136-137, Jamestown, $12,000

James Clyde Vines Jr. to Michael Ray Vines of 21405 Orbit Road, Windsor, interest in a parcel on Rt. 603, $0

Seacrest Homes and Development to Shaunna S. Jones of 24400 John Henry St., Windsor, lot 33, phase 1 at Holland Meadows, $269,900

John L. Duck of 25269 Wood Duck Drive, Zuni, to self, 0.928 acres on Rt. 648, $0

William R. Craun of 20563 Shady Pond Lane, Zuni, to self, interest in lot 14, Shady Brook Farm, $0

Erma C. Stephenson to Robert B. Atkins of P.O. Box 125, Branchville, parcel 3 on Rt. 650, Stephenson property, $0

Walter F. Hogan to Claire C. Worth of 16 Roberts Ave., Windsor, 0.437 acres on Roberts Avenue, $141,000

Allen B. Daugherty to James R. Cook of 20380 Garrison Dr., Windsor, 1.584 acres No. 3, Stephen J. Whitley et als property, $125,000

Blackwater Investment Group llc to Commonwealth of Virginia at 1750 N. Main St., Suffolk, Rt. 258, plat book 9, pages 5-6, $0

Timothy A. Seely to Angelia S. Batten of 6002 Ram Ct., Suffolk, lot 19, John Rolfe Estates, $0

Holliknoll llc to David J. Horton of 3346 Joyners Bridge Rd., Carrsville, 2.729 acres, addition and cutover, $9,000

Fannie Mae to Ronnie R. Ricks of 31174 Walters Highway, Franklin, 4.71 acres, lot 9, Rt. 258, $175,000

Irene B. Tatum to Harry L. Watson III of 30048 Berlin Dory Rd., Sedley, Lot 1, 5.338 acres at D.R. Collins property, $175,000

Reuben Anne Johns to Eddie Allison of 26 N. Court St., Windsor, property of Delores K. Clements, $162,000

Benjamin L. Stilley to Darrell R. Betterton of 13604 Bowling Green, Windsor, Lot 5, Arthur Frank Drewery property, $50,000

Raymond E. Haring to Kathleen Moore of 11162 Windsor Way, Windsor, Lot 32, Windsor Woods, $291,000

Charlotte Melissa Sawyer to PKS Farm llc of 17381 Pope Swamp Trail, Windsor, 65.71 acres, $278,000

Robert Julian of 1655 Jenkins Mill Rd., Suffolk, to self, parcel, Robert S. Julian property, $0

Timothy R. Woodland to Melanie K. Huss of 7124 Joyners Bridge Rd., Carrsville, 9.997 acres, Lot C, Maurice A. Rhodes property, $257,000

Farmers Bank Properties of Virginia llc to the Town of Windsor, 7.989 acres, Plat 2-68-16, $0

John L. Straight Sr. of 7501 Peanut Dr., Windsor, to self, Lot 5, Country Home Estates, $0

Teresa E. Anderson to George E. Evans of 1497 Bridge Point Trail, Suffolk, Lot 12, section A., Rushmere Shores, $0

Teresa E. Anderson to George E. Evans of 1497 Bridge Point Trail, Suffolk, new lot 7, Rushmere Shores, $0

Shirley G. Crocker to Leland F. Duck Sr. of 9330 Dinky Circle, Windsor, 92 acres, George F. Pierce Homeplace, $325,656.87

Keith Starling to Jonathan K. Starling of 406 Great Oak Ct., Suffolk, 1.66 acres, lot 4, Isle of Wight Industrial Park, $0

Robert Sidney Barrett Jr. to Julien W. Johnson of 32242 Barrett Lane, Franklin, interest, $60,000