Show appreciation to those who serve

Published 9:58 am Friday, January 9, 2015

Through the efforts of support groups, today reportedly has been declared the inaugural Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. While there is already National Police Week, which takes place in mid-May, the event now is intended to recognize all people who put their lives at risk every day to protect others.

The occasion is made especially poignant because it’s apparently born from the recent fatal attacks on law enforcement officers. On Dec. 20, two Brooklyn policemen were murdered — assassinated, actually — while they were in their patrol cars. The alleged murderer is said to have left a message that these were killings done in revenge for the fatal shootings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner by police.

Two security officers were included in the terrorists’ assassinations of staff members at the French satirical paper, Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday morning.

Further south in France, a policewoman died on on Thursday in a shooting that may or may not be related to the other event.

All in all, these barbaric attacks are the strongest examples of why good people should more strongly support our defenders.

Wearing blue clothing, sending cards of thanks, or writing letters to acknowledge their work and sacrifices are some offered suggestions to mark the occasion. Those are fine, of course. But for this event and every day, more can be done simply by obeying the laws that we’ve agreed on that preserve law and order.