New IOW supervisor chair ready for 2015

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As the gavel passes into my hand this upcoming year, I grasp it with a realization of the gravity such a position entails. Being aware of my own shortcomings in numerous arenas, it is with a certain trepidation that I assume this post. Nevertheless, it is my desire to serve you well.

To the citizens of this unique county, I offer you my efforts in chairing a board characterized by integrity, courage and transparency. By integrity I mean adhering to principle rather than politics, whereby we make decisions that do not violate our conscience, but rather seek what is good and just and fair amongst our communities.

By courage I mean determining to make decisions based on that which we know is right, regardless of the possible negative consequences, rather outnumbered, outdebated or outvoted. It is a necessary component to any serving in leadership, be it the family, the church or the community.

By transparency I mean that you, as citizens, are entitled to be fully informed by that which is owned by you, funded by you and represented by those you have chosen. It is my intention to only discuss those things in private that, due to their nature, demand confidentiality, and with all else, to be as open and forthright with you as possible.

To our staff, all those who work in any sense for our county, I can but give a hearty statement of appreciation. The efforts and sacrifices you have made in your area of responsibility, no matter where it lay, have been nothing short of exemplary.

Not only is your work ethic to be commended, but both the solutions and ideas you bring to us, the Board, are often reflective, creative and visionary. We thank you. It is my intent that you be treated, at all times, with the dignity and respect to which you are entitled, whether at the podium or not.

To my fellow board members, I commit to treat you with fairness such that you perceive a freedom to share your opinion whatever it may be. I shall endeavor to utilize the pooled wisdom of us five whenever possible and make a concerted effort to have in your hands the information necessary to make the best decision. We may not always agree, but let us agree to always treat each other with respect.

And finally, to all, let me be frank in stating we will not always get it right. Such is the lot of mortals. We ask your forbearance at such times. But this I believe I can promise you. We shall strive to view an issue from different angles, to be reflective and not reactive, to listen with an unprejudiced ear, and to speak the truth when necessary. In essence, we shall endeavor to struggle well.

Now, the year awaits us. We have providentially been granted a splendid county, a dynamic diverse citizenry, and an exceptionally competent team. Let’s get to work….

REX ALPHIN of Walters is a farmer, businessman, author and county supervisor. His email address is