IOW supervisors did right by residents

Published 11:06 am Saturday, December 20, 2014

Isle of Wight County residents were the real winners when the majority of supervisors, 4-1, voted on Thursday to restore publishing legal notices in both The Tidewater News and The Smithfield Times.

This past summer, County Attorney Mark Popovich evidently took it upon himself to eliminate the two newspapers from such advertising, and instead put required announcements in The Daily Press.

The purpose, he explained, was to limit costs. Being able to reach more people because that publication prints every day was another factor.

When the matter came to our attention, we immediately questioned this decision. For example, The Daily Press, which is based in Newport News, doesn’t really reach into the southern portion of the county. So where does that leave those residents? Out of luck.

The hybrid approach that the attorney offered at last month’s meeting would have continued publishing legal notices in the Peninsula paper, but would have only printed FYI notices in the two others newspapers. However, there wouldn’t have been the details of the meetings. Again, how would such announcements help people who don’t read The Daily Press? They don’t.

Governments with honest intentions are best helped when news of their actions are available for people to witness and participate.

We’re glad that the board voted in favor of the people, rather than just saving a few dollars.