Police, prosecutors earn their pay

Published 11:05 am Friday, December 19, 2014

Earlier this week, the Franklin Police Department and Commonwealth Attorney’s office have again demonstrated their respective effectiveness.

Within a few days of the shooting of Martinez D. Hill last Friday, investigators pinpointed a suspect. As if to make things easier, the alleged shooter quickly turned himself in.

We don’t think it was only luck that enabled a relatively quick identification and arrest. Instead, it was the professionalism of the researchers combined with public response for help. In fact, the department is duly grateful to those people who cooperated. That factor likely made the difference, and points out the need for the public to assist police when and where they can. Ultimately, that’s in their best interest.

With obvious thorough research, the CA — specifically deputy CA Toni Colvin — put away a local man — Tremaine Maquece Porter — who committed the heinous crimes of multiple rapes and physical abuse. The office has noted that the detailed work of the Franklin Police made the foundation on which to build its case against the accused. As a result, Porter got four life sentences plus 113 years.

Good work to both the police and CA’s office for doing their jobs so well.