Audit shows town of Windsor faring well

Published 11:13 am Friday, December 19, 2014

The Town Council received an early Christmas present of sorts at its most recent meeting. Diane Smith, a certified public accountant from Newport News, presented the results of the annual audit from June 30, and noted some positive news in financial matters.

Highlights of the report include:

• That revenues for the General Fund were $87,816 more than anticipated for the year’s final operating budget.

• However, fund expenses were $286,174 less than what Council had appropriated for the year’s final operating budget.

• The balance of governmental funds increased from $1.53 million to $1.72 million.

• All departments within the General Fund had expenses less than the amount appropriated by Council for those departments, with the exception of debt service, which was over budget by $4,328.

• The revenues for the water fund were $15,289 more than first anticipated by Council for the final operating budget of the year.

“You hit your budget,” Smith told the council. And in regard to the water fund, she added, “You’re getting close to covering your expenses.”

Also that evening, Council voted 4-1 — with Vice Mayor Wesley Garris as the ‘no’ vote — on a solution to a drainage problem at the vacant lot behind the town hall.

The second of two options requires installing a drop inlet where the existing sump pump is situated. A 4-inch pipe will be installed from the new inlet to the current one. The price quote is $2,650.

Although the price is the same as the first option, the chosen solution will use gravity to operate instead of an electric line to the pump. This will eliminate any ongoing electric costs and pump maintenance.

On the issue of installing a flag pole, that matter has been postponed until January. This will give Town Manager Mike Stallings time to get a new quote. He said he expects a decision to be made next month.