Man found guilty of reckless handling of firearm

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Ivor man pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a reckless handling of a firearm in connection with a charge of allegedly maiming or killing a neighbor’s dog in October.

John P. Launderville of Main Street was found guilty of the gun charge in Southampton General District Court, and given 30 days in jail with 25 days suspended, according to a clerk of the court. Serving the sentence begins on Friday, Dec. 19, at 6 p.m. for consecutive weekends. In addition, there’s a probation of 25 months good behavior. Launderville must pay a $500 fine, and another $500 in restitution within 30 days as a condition of the suspended sentence. He must also take a gun safety class within six months.



However, the clerk added that the attorney decided not to prosecute on the maiming charge.

The animal, Nikki, was a German Shepherd owned by Selena Wynne of Millfield Road. About a week after the dog went missing, Wynne reportedly asked Launderville if he’d seen a stray that might have hurt her pet. He said no, but added that he did shoot Nikki, though he didn’t know it was her at the time. Then he buried the dog on his property. Deputies were later called to have Launderville dig up the body for reburial on Wynne’s property.

Wynne’s husband, Allen, also met with Launderville, who said the shooting was accidental, that he just saw something move and shot it, adding that he’d had trouble with animals messing with his livestock.