Land Transfers

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, December 10, 2014




Christopher Beaton to Christopher and Cooper Beaton, Langston Commons, Lot 22, $0

Robert Wade Councill to Cynthia Sherrill, 109 Magnolia Avenue, Lot 95, $139,500.

Michael J. and Debra S. Daniels to Michael J. Daniels, 125 Gillette Court, Lot 32, $0.

John L. and Carol Deusebio to John L. Deusebio, 400 Clay Street, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Melissa D. Crabtree, 411 Norfleet Street, Lot 23, $29,900.

James E. Holt to Robert N. Holt, 826 Clay Street, Lots 49, 50, and 51, $33,960.

Floyd E. and Sherry S. Hull to Ghias A. Rana, 1004 North High Street, Lot 5, $212,500.

Linda A. Jones to Bijou and Zoe Properties, LLC, 424 Stonewall Street, $0.

Linda A. Jones to Bijou and Zoe Properties, LLC, 204 Bracy Street, Lots 89 and 90, $0.

Linda A. Jones to Bijou and Zoe Properties, LLC, 501 – 507 North Main Street, $0.

Linda A. Jones to Bijou and Zoe Properties, LLC, Railroad Avenue, Lots 170 and 171, $0.

John P. and Stefanie A. Kaplan to Merri K. Morgan, 841 Clay Street, $235,300.

Donald J. Oclair to Joan P. Oclair, 810 Pretlow Street, $0.

Wittstadt Title and Escrow Company to U.S. Bank, 610 Hayden Drive, $29,114.32.

Charles W. and Betty P. Alvis to James Allen and Kathryn Young, 18320 Commerce Street, Lots 14 and 15, $90,000.

Anthony Drake Builders, LLC, to Baleb M. and Magen M. Trimble, 34459 Cypress Woods Trail, $175,000.

Charles James Arrington to Clarke E. and Elizabeth G. Fox, 20.15 acres in Capron District, $155,000.

Linwood H. Ashe to Linwood Herman Ashe Revocable, 27500 Millfield Road, $0.

Addie Barrett to Horace Riddick, .856 acres in Newsoms District, $10,000.

Jo Ann H. Blair to Ronald L. Parsons, Drake Road, Lot 3, and Unity Road, Lot 11, $0.

John Thomas Branch to John Thomas and Roxie Branch, 18499 Schoolhouse Road, $0.

Adrian Elvin Brooks to The Adrian E. Brooks Revocable, 20253 Old Hickory Road, $0.

Quinton A. and Michelle Buchanan to Jonathan D. and Jamie L. Bowen, 18170 Fourth Streetm $334,900.

CSH Properties, LLC, to Ronald Layman Hunnings, 30445 Martin Avenue, Lot 48, $242,400.

Gary L. Cowan and Donald A. Vick to Commonwealth of Virginia, Route 35 at Meherrin Road, $1,500.

Ginger Collier Cumming to Danny Nikoma and Dean Revels, 8151 Sadler Road, $185,000.

Cypress Cover Development, LLC, to Anthony Drake Builders, LLC, 1.84 acres in Franklin District, $25,000.

Walter F. and Elizabeth P. Drake to Carlton L. and Wendy R. Ogburn, 31428 Monroe Road, $0.

EVFS, LLC, and Ber Clements to Chester J. Moore, 31528 Sunbeam Road, $25,000.

Jason C. Fowler to Michael J. Capell and Greg Greene, 223019 Main Street, $130,000.

Bryan E. Grasser and Kimberly Carr to Bryan E. Grasser, 10309 Ivor Road, $0.

Ronald L. Hunnings to Douglas C. Singleton, 18345 Lakeside Drive, $235,000.

Ellaree C. Hyder to Hyders Mobile Home Park, LLC, 28313 Cypress Bridge Road, $262,479.32.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 6.898 acres on Appleton Road, $10.

Shawn Colbert and Angella Lott to Angella Sue Lott, 29314 Bethany School Road, $0.

Joseph K. Majette to Linda N. Vick and William Nurney, 60.50 acres in Capron District, $106,000.

Kenneth T. and Janet McManus to John M. and Vera S. Barnes, 29497 Statesville Road, Lot 3, $40,000.

Robert Lee Nicholas to John D. and Ann C. Spanagel, 15041 Appleton Road, $17,500.

Donald J. Oclair to R. Edward Railey, III, Cypress Cove Gardens, Lot 7, $0.

James J. Reid and Ginett Greene to Martinette Properties, LLC, 27053 Flaggy Run Road, $3,500.


Charles A. Ricks to Annette R. Moseley, 22284 Medicine Springs Road, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lauren Harper, 32444 Pebble Brook Drive, $128,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Delbert E. Omeara, 18019 Line Pine Road, $47,777.77.

Douglas C. Singleton to Linda C. and Billy W. Saunders, 1.517 acres on Route 628, $190,000.

John J. and Joan M. Sobotor to Kaitlin Irene Sobotor, 21274 Southampton Parkway, $0.

Julius Edward Suiter to Linda Rose Suiter, 4 acres in Jerusalem District, $15,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Earl W. Burgess, 17516 Johnsons Mill Road, Lots 10 and 12, $19,900.

Carla L. Vick to Linda N. Vick, 170 acres in Capron District, $0.

Joe Nye Wiggins to Crystal D. and Franklin D. Pittman, 4.372 acres in Franklin District, $28,000.

Cornelius J. Wyche to Cornelius Jerome and Still Wyche, 22155 Carys Bridge Road, $0.

William S. Grizzard to Capron Drewryville Athletic Association, 20048 Cary Bridge Road, $0.

Glen C. and Gwendolyn B. Drake to Virginia Electric and Power Company, 34241 Burnt Reed Road, $0.

Walter Luther Young to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Rose Valley Road, $0.

Lavone Satterfield to Lavone Satterfield, 21163 Southampton Parkway, $0.