Broncos basketball looks to top last year’s success

Published 12:13 pm Saturday, December 6, 2014

Last year, the Broncos finished with a VHSL 1A record of 12-3 and finished ninth in the state after making a run to the Sweet 16. This year, Head Coach Robby Cutchins said the expectations were through the roof.

Cutchins, who led the JV team for 10 years, is taking over the varsity team, with James Holeman taking his former spot.

“Coach Holeman and myself have high expectations, both on the floor and off of it,” he said. “Not only their grades, but also the way they carry themselves. We look forward to them becoming better citizens.”

There will be a challenge, though, as eight of his 12 players are playing for the first time on varsity, though Cutchins is expecting a lot out of his leaders, Quinton Lowe and Domique Gainey, to help acclimate them.

Players have also come together over the last few weeks in practice, putting in every day leading up to Thanksgiving, except Sundays.

“They are committed, working hard and getting better every day,” he said.

They are also quick enough to adapt on the fly, which Cutchins said is important in basketball.

“The way we operate, you have to make nightly adjustments on offense and defense,” he said. “On offense, sometimes you have to take what the defense is giving you. Defensively, you have to be able to make changes to keep up.”

In the end, though, the way the TriRivers District is structured gives the Broncos an advantage, so Cutchins and the Broncos are looking forward to the season, the coach said.

“The biggest thing about the way the district is structured is there are a lot of 1A, 2A and 3A teams in it,” he said. “We’re playing a lot of schools that are bigger than us, which in turn makes us better once we get to conference play.

“We look forward to getting into conference 41 — we look to be a top contender.”


2 – The Franklin High School Broncos return just two starters from last year’s squad, Corey Porter and Domique Gainey. Darrien Duck, Quinton Lowe and Denard Williams will take over for Terry Warren, Fred Lassiter and Marcus Stephens.

11 – Fred Lassiter, No. 11, is ineligible for the team for the rest of this semester. Last year’s leading scorer and All-State player averaged 17.6 points, 10.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game as a freshman. “He would be a huge acquisition if we could get him straight in the second semester. He’s a phenomenal basketball talent,” Cutchins said. “We will help him as much as we are in a position to.”






The 5-foot-10 senior two-guard, Corey Porter, is going to be expected to do a little bit of everything. Porter averaged 11 points, 8 rebounds and 3.5 steals per game last year. “Corey is a phenomenal athlete, simply stated,” Cutchins said. “He is a very fast young man and can jump out of the gym. Corey averaged almost 12 points a game last year, and he’s going to be my game changer. He can change the game in a minute with his active ability in getting steals.”

Senior 6-foot-2 power forward Domique Gainey is coming in with the big task of filling the shoes of Terry Warren. Cutchins said he expects Gainey to practically absorb Warren’s role both on and off the court. “First of all, and most importantly, he is going to be one of our team leaders. On the basketball court, I hope he’ll have a big inside presence and work toward averaging a double-double. I’m looking for bit things,” the coach said.


Franklin varsity games typically start at 7 p.m., subject to change. Games in bold are home.

Dec. 4 Charles City (W 75-45)
Dec. 8 Southampton
Dec. 10 Sussex
Dec. 12 Windsor
Dec. 15 Park View
Dec. 17 Surry
Dec. 19 Greensville
Jan. 5 Charles City
Jan. 7 Brunswick
Jan. 9 ARGS
Jan. 12 Northampton
Jan. 14 Southampton
Jan. 16 Sussex
Jan. 21 Windsor
Jan. 23 Park View
Jan. 26 Northampton
Jan. 28 Surry
Jan. 30 Greensville
Feb. 3 ARGS
Feb. 6 Brunswick