Southampton property tax payments from pipeline expected to top $800,000 annually

Published 10:59 am Friday, December 5, 2014

A proposed pipeline that would deliver natural gas to homes and businesses throughout the Southeastern United States would provide more than $25 million annually in property taxes, according to a press release issued by energy provider Dominion Resources Inc.

“The local benefits of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline for the host communities — including new property taxes paid by the pipeline — will be very real and very significant,” said Diane Leopold, president of Dominion.

“At a time when many local governments are challenged to fund schools and provide other essential services, this new revenue can make a big difference.”

If approved by federal regulators, construction of the $5 billion pipeline will begin in 2016 and is projected to be in service by late 2018. A joint-venture among Dominion, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and AGL Resources, it would extend more than 550 miles throughout West Virginia, Virginia,and North Carolina.

Dominion said that economic analysts project the pipeline to inject an annual average of $456.3 million into the economy of the three-state region, supporting about 2,900 annual jobs from 2014 to 2019. In full operation, the pipeline is estimated to have an annual impact of $69.2 million and can support 271 regional jobs from 2019 onward.

Additionally, Dominion explained that counties and municipalities along the proposed route would receive increasing property tax payments that would exceed $25 million in 2021. Southampton County alone would receive more than $800,000 annually by 2021, when the full value of the project is ultimately reflected in tax payments.

The property tax estimates are based on the latest available tax rates and, therefore, are subject to change. But Jim Norvelle, director of communications for Dominion Energy, the natural gas subsidiary of Dominion Resources, told The Tidewater News he believes that Southampton County will benefit greatly from the pipeline.

“The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, if approved, will be a boon to construction jobs and an economic shot-in-the-arm in the region.”

For those worried about the long-term environment impact of the pipeline, Norvelle said that residents have little to worry about.

“Dominion will follow strict safety and environmental regulations during construction and operation to protect the environment as well.”

As it is currently mapped, the pipeline would be located in the southern part of Southampton County, spanning 28-½ miles of underground interstate south of Route 58.

For more information, landowners can call toll-free at 1-888-895-8716; for general questions, 1-844-215-1819. You can email your questions or concerns to, or by visiting Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline on Facebook.