Running legal ads only in Daily Press violates code

Published 10:43 am Wednesday, December 3, 2014

To the Editor:

Dear Board of Supervisors,

Really…….applying KISS [Keep it Simple, Stupid] principle does seem so commonsense. Please.

If the referenced notices had all been placed in Daily Press, what would have been the cost compared to the Smithfield Times and The Tidewater News cost? Comparison gives the indicator to be considered. Simple.

However, more than that, as I noted to y’all sometime ago, per the Daily Press circulation supervisor….THE DAILY PRESS DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE SOUTH OF AN EAST-WEST LINE SHOWN AS ROUTE 460, IN ISLE OF WIGHT. Therefore, the sole use of the Daily Press does not provide for meeting “general circulation within the locality,” and is in violation of the Code of Virginia…period. Simple.

Whoever in the decision-making process cannot understand the simplicity of this regulation has a real, “Houston, we have a problem.” Simple. Leaves you with a problem to correct with whoever cannot “simply” get this simple requirement right. No wonder the old board got any number of things wrong that has cost us dearly during their tenure.

Please, I do not want to appear publicly and castigate the “one (?)” who is making your job harder, when you already have enough to say grace to as it is.

Herb DeGroft