Board of Supervisors to proceed with new zoning ordinance

Published 9:49 am Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Southampton County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved changes to the county’s current zoning ordinance in order to acknowledge the existence of small lots along the Nottoway shore.

These subdivisions were plotted prior to the October 1968 adoption of zoning regulations in Southampton County and, therefore, required owners to apply for variances with the zoning committee every year. With the boards’ approval, however, residents with lots as small as 50 by 125 feet no longer have to apply for these variances.

The decision also permits further development of the current residential district, which wasn’t even recognized in the original zoning ordinance, as well as protect the owners in case the property is destroyed by fire or flood.

A public hearing on the matter is tentatively scheduled for Monday, Dec. 15, at the County Administrative Building on 26022 Administration Center Drive, Courtland.