Historical Society preserves our culture

Published 10:15 am Friday, November 21, 2014

In nearly every city or county or region of Virginia — and we’d go so far as to say throughout the United States — there is a group of people dedicated to researching, writing and lecturing about the history of where they live. Western Tidewater is certainly no exception.

The people who make up the Southampton County Historical Society are preserving and promoting what has made the area unique. Just last week, four of them were recognized for their service to history: Nancy Cogsdale, Kitty and Milton Futrell and Lynda Updike. Cogsdale is a charter member who’s served as a personal inspiration to other residents. Through the years, the Futrells have been notable supporters not just with money, but also hands-on activity. Updike continues to serve as the president and not just in name. For example, she’s working with members, county officials and regional historian John Quarstein to present the Nat Turner insurrection as a way for tourists to see how important that event was to the area and its part in the American Civil War.

We salute those honorees for their dedication. Western Tidewater’s culture is richer for it.